10 Reasons Why Not to Buy Xiaomi Mi3 in India

Xiaomi made a blasting entry in Indian market with their newly power bomb, Mi3. For those who don't know what Xiaomi is, it is a Chinese mobile manufacturing company which gained fame within a short span of time. Xiaomi is a new brand, not as old as Samsung or Nokia, but the fame it got is such a short time is remarkable. Recently they launched their much awaited smart phone Xiaomi Mi3 in India and got a great response from the people. The thing which attracted thousands of people was the mind-blowing hardware of the Mi3, the technical specifications of the Mi3 were similar to the high-end flagship phones of top companies like Samsung, but the price of the device was extremely low as compared to other companies.

Xiaomi Mi3 has many other advantages and the best thing is that, all this much is available at much affordable price. You can still have the fun of a premium phone and performance without spending a fortune. But, with so many Advantages, obviously there will be some Dis advantages. Now it's up to you. You have to judge whether you can survive with the disadvantages or you'll have to skip this masterpiece. Lets see.

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10 Reasons Why Not to Buy Xiaomi Mi3 in India

In this article I will concentrate on the drawbacks of Xiaomi Mi3. I'm not saying that Xiaomi Mi3 is a worthless phone, and this is not at all a negative article targeting the phone. In fact, I really like Mi3. The only reason behind writing this article is to bring the disadvantages in view. I will also write an article explaining the advantages of Mi3 soon. So let's begin.

1. Not Available in Stores, only Flipkart

The biggest disadvantage of Xiaomi Mi3 in India is that it is exclusively available on Flipkart.com, which means that you'll have to order the phone online and wait for delivery and pay the money when the phone reaches you, that sounds easy and safe but there is a catch. Since the demand of the phone is high, and it is exclusively available on flipkart, and the stock is limited, everybody won't get the delivery. To overcome this, flipkart only allows people who've registered for the purchase of Mi3 during registrations. Once you've successfully registered, you are eligible for purchase, flipkart will provide you the date and time of sale and you can only buy the phone at the given time.

This is the biggest drawback of buying Mi3 in India, you can't just go to the market and buy the phone. A great strategy by Flipkart, they teamed up with Xiaomi and now every Indian has to go through Flipkart to buy Mi3.

2. No Expandable Memory

In India, Mi3 is only available in 16GB variant and does not support MicroSD card, which means that you cannot expand the memory of the device. This is a big disappointment for heavy users and gamer's. If you are planning to watch HD movies and videos on your phone then sorry to say, you won't be able to carry much. Memory is a very important factor and I wonder why Xiaomi overlooked this and I'm very disappointed. I was actually planning to buy this phone but 16 GB isn't enough for me. 

3. Phone Body is Quite Long

The Mi3 is indeed a long phone and not forget the edges are sharp and you may feel uncomfortable holding it or when it is in your pocket. The height of the phone is quite long, if you compare it with other devices and it make Mi3 difficult to carry. This is completely on the user, if you don't have problem with a long phone then you can ignore this.
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4. Heats Up quite Quickly

Despite of the amazing performance, Mi3 tends to get hot when you make it perform intense tasks like playing HD games or when running too many tasks. The aluminum body make it feel more hotter and sometimes the phone becomes so hot that you can cook an omelette on its back (kidding ;))  

5. Mi3 Software is Buggy

The Mi3 software has many known bugs for example; the phone with low battery when rebooted might end up in a boot-loop and the only way to fix it is to charge the phone and when the battery reaches a certain percentage the phone will boot up, this is one of the major bug with the Mi3 software and according to the company, it will get fixed in a future software update.

buggy user interface Mi Ui

6. No Earphones in Package

If you are a music lover then this might come as a big shock but yes the Mi3 does not come with stock earphones out of the box. If you love listening to music then you'll have to buy earphones separately. This is a disappointment as almost all phones have a default earphones out-of-the-box but company thought to skip it, adding an earphone might not have hurt. 

7. Non-removable battery

If you are battery hungry gamer and like to carry a spare battery in case of an emergency when you battery dies then you just cannot. The Xiaomi Mi3 has an inbuilt battery and it is non-removable, just like an iPhone. So in case your battery dies permanently, you'll have to take your phone to the service center for replacing it. However if you are willing to spend a few extra bucks then you can buy a portable Power Bank for emergency phone charging when far from home.

8. Less number of Service centers in India

As the company is from China, it does not have service centers in every part of the country. People who live in metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai etc. will not face this problem, but people who are from small towns may not find a service center nearby, so before buying Xiaomi Mi3, make sure that there is a service center nearby, so that if any problem persists, you can easily take it to the service center.

During the India Launch of Mi3, Xiaomi promised to bring large number of service centers but it is possible that it is not near your city, so make sure to search one before buying.

9. Slippery Design

No matter How beautiful the phone looks, but the design is very slippery and you may find trouble holding it in your hands. The material used is very slippery and the chances of the phone falling off your hands is high. This problem can be solved by buying cases and covers which will help reduce the slipperiness, but many people like to use the phone without covers, so now its your call. 

10. Made In China Tag

Despite of the great performance, features and price, there is one more thing which bothers Indians, the 'MADE in CHINA' tag. In India people prefer to pay double for a brand instead of buying a budget phone from Chinese company. They think that the 'Made in China' tag makes it inferior and the phones which costs double are much superior, which is not-at-all correct. In my opinion, I like buy quality and performance than brand, I would rather buy a quality phone than a show-off piece of shit which almost costs triple. So it's completely on your thinking but let me tell you that if you go for Xiaomi Mi3, the 'Made in China' Tag will hung on it forever.

Final Words

So these were 10 reasons Why not to buy Xiaomi Mi3, my motive behind listing these were only to warn you about the drawbacks you may face after buying this product. So now that you know what is getting served, you can think and if these drawbacks does not affect you then close-your-eyes and buy Mi3, its just magnificent. 

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