BhashSMS Review - Send Bulk SMS to Clients in India

What is BhashSMS?

BhashSMS is a revolutionary online Bulk SMS service which can do wonders for your Business. With the affordable plans and services, BhashSMS will help you grow your Business to newer heights. You can stay connected with your clients and provide them updates using the Bulk SMS feature.

bhashsms bulk sms review

Features of BhashSMS

The best thing about BhashSMS is that they provide quality bulk SMS service at reasonable price and fastest reach. You can send updates to all your clients in no time using this service. 

  • Unlimited Sender ID's
  • Unlimited Validity
  • Instant Account Activation
  • Instant Replies
  • Instant SMS Delivery to a number of phones
  • Reseller Plans Available
  • Ticket System for Complaints
  • 24/7 Customer Support

1. Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS means sending huge number of SMS messages to a list of clients or contacts. These type of SMS messages are used for Promotion, marketing, sending updates to customers or for providing updates about your services. This is one of the quickest way to spread the word in an effective way, as today's generation is more into mobile phones, SMS marketing works wonders.

2. Transactional SMS

Yes its true, BhashSMS also offers Transactional SMSes at affordable prices. These type are messages are used for providing clients minute-to-minute updates about their online purchase. These type of SMS messages are sent by Ecommerce stores for updating buyers about the status of their goods. These messages include information and status of their products, for example: If the product has been dispatched or shipped etc. BhashSMS provides this service at your finger tips. BhashSMS is the only best provider of Transactional SMS in India.

3. Marketing SMS

A New marketing strategy today is by sending SMS messages to clients. With BhashSMS you can send quick and effective Marketing SMS messages to all your clients and customers. You can start your own marketing campaign and send bulk SMS all over India.

4. Business SMS

Whether you are a small business owner or firm looking for new and interactive ways for promoting your services or products. BhashSMS is a perfect solution for all your marketing needs and 

5. Promotional SMS

You can promote your products, services or website with a few clicks. You can send promotional messages to multiple phone numbers in India using BhashSMS promotional SMS gateway. This is a great way to promote your business, all you need is an active internet connection and you are good to go.

Plans and Pricing

BhashSMS has three different plans to offer. Each of them have different features and options.

1. Silver - Starter Package

10,000 SMS Messages
Powerful Web APIs
Unlimited Validity

Price: Rs.1,500

2. Gold - Most Popular

1,00,000 SMS Messages
Powerful Web APIs
Unlimited Validity

Price: Rs.6,000

3. Platinum - Regular Users

5,00,000 SMS Messages
Powerful Web APIs
Unlimited Validity

Price: Rs.25,000

Verdict & Conclusion

BhashSMS is a very useful marketing tool and can be used for various tasks by small business owners, large business owners, bloggers, entrepreneurs, companies, websites and many other people. This will help you spread the word instantly and without costing a fortune. BhashSMS is good at its job and the pricing is reasonable, it is simple but effective and can be used long term. I would recommend BhashSMS service for people who are looking for a reliable Bulk SMS provider at affordable rates. 

My Rating: ★★★ out of 5

You can take a look at this extraordinary service by visiting their website. Don't forget to look at their plans and services. Please give your feedback below.


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