How to Install PC Drivers Automatically on Windows

To make computer hardware function properly, it is very important that we install up-to-date drivers. Drivers are specially made by the hardware manufacturers and are unique for different hardware. Drivers of one hardware cannot work with other hardware, for example Inter Drivers won't work on AMD computers. To bring the best out of your PC hardware, you must make sure that your computer has the latest drives installed.

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Download drivers from the manufacturers website can be a hectic task, some times you may end up downloading wrong drivers. If your PC does not have proper drivers then it might crash or will fail to perform as claimed by the company. To keep your PC healthy, update the drivers from time to time. Today I will list some best ways and programs which will automatically update your computer drivers for you. Lets begin.

How to Install PC Drivers Automatically on Windows

Gone are the days when you used to manually download hardware drivers from manufacturers website and then used to install it yourself. Nowadays there are many online driver scanners and programs which can help in scanning the required drivers and then downloading it from proper sources. This prevents the chance of installing wrong drivers, so its a win-win thing.

1. DriverEasy

DriverEasy is one of the best online solution. It can automatically detect, download, backup, Install, Uninstall computer drivers. You can use online scanner by visiting, here you can scan for outdated drivers and replace them by installing latest ones. If you are willing to spend few bucks then you can buy Driver Easy program and use it for updating drivers.


  • Automatically Detect unknown device drivers
  • Over 1,000,000 Hardware driver database
  • Keep drivers up to date
  • Backup, Restore, Uninstall Drivers
  • Multi-language support
  • Easy to use interface
  • Free for personal use

I've personally used this program and my experience with it was great. It automatically detects the hardware and installs updated version without any errors. It automatically creates a Restore Point, so if you find troubles with hardware then you can restore to the previous point.

2. Uniblue Driver Scanner 2014

Uniblue Driver Scanner is a very popular name when it comes to downloading drivers automatically. You can download free version from their website. After installing Uniblue Driver Scanner on your computer, scan your PC for outdated drivers, the program will list out the outdated drivers and you can update them in one click. Uniblue Driver Scanner is an easy to use tool which will help you keep your drivers updated and you PC healthy. 


Another great online tool for updating drivers in, just like others DriverScanner is a similar tool. You can make use of online scan or download free program.


Automatic Driver Backup
100% Compatibility
Integrated Customer Support

4. DeviceDoctor

DeviceDoctor is a Free driver updater, it scans your computer hardware and automatically checks if latest driver is available. The best thing about this tool is that it can also detect unknown devices and update it. By far it is the easiest tool for this purpose. 


Fix your computer and update your drivers using, it is easy, fast and reliable. You can download free program and update your PC drivers, has a large database of hardware drivers and can detect unknown devices.

So these were some free online tools and programs which can help in keeping your drivers up to date, there are many more but these were personally tested and found safe. I hope this post helps you, please leave feedback.

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