How to Create One Time Download Link with Mediafire

If you sell digital goods on your website then this post will really help you in some way. You may like to know a method by which you can host some digital file and share it using a one-time-download link which will help you share files without fearing over-downloads. In this post I will teach you How to create One Time Download links using Mediafire account.

one time download link mediafire

Creating One Time Downlaod Links using Mediafire

Before you can begin with it, sign up for a free Mediafire account by visiting, If you already have a Mediafire account then you can skip it. after that follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Log in to your Mediafire account. If the file is already in your account then skip to step 3. If you haven't uploaded the file yet then go to next step.

Step 2: Click on upload button, browse the file and then click on upload. Wait until your file gets uploaded.

Step 3: Once uploaded, click on share button.

one time download link mediafire

Step 4: Now click on 'more share options' and then '1 Time download'

one time download link mediafire

one time download link mediafire

Step 5: Tap on Generate button, this will create a one-time-download link which will automatically expire after one hit.

one time download link mediafire

Setting Validity of the link

If you want the link to expire after a certain period, say 1 day or 1 month then you can also do that. Before hitting generate button, choose from the drop down present on right-hand side. You can set validity upto 30 days and minimum 1 day.

Email Notification

Do you want to keep track of the time when the link was accessed? that's too possible. Before generating one-time download link, tick the option present on the left side which says 'Email me when accessed.' By ticking this option you will receive an email whenever the link gets accessed.

Why create one-time links?

This option is useful for those people who want to share file only with a particular person and doesn't want that link to get leaked. People who want to share their private data can make use of this option. This is a great thing for online sellers, as they can upload digital products on mediafire and then share the one time download link to the buyers, without any fear of over-use.

I hope this tutorial was helpful, please leave your feedback below.

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