How to Enable Windows Store in Windows To Go Workspaces

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After installing Windows 8 for the first time, some people found that Windows store on their computer was not working and was showing a message "Windows Store isn't available on Windows To Go Workplaces." This was annoying as they weren't able to install their favorite apps onto their computer. Recently a friend of mine came to me, he was facing this problem and asked for help. After tinkering with registry editor for a few minutes, we solved the problem. Afterwards I decided to make a tutorial on this, so that I could help other people who are facing the same problem.

So today I will post an easy tutorial guide which will help you get rid of this problem. I'm posting three different methods for enabling Windows store. If the first method doesn't work for you then move to another method, I'm sure that one of the three methods will definitely work (It actually depends on the Windows 8 version you are using, so try your luck with these 3 methods)

windows store isn't available on windows to go workplaces
This Message is Displayed when you open Windows Store.

How to Enable Windows Store in Windows To Go Workspaces

Method #1 - Using Group Policy Editor

Follow the steps given below. I've tried to keep the steps simple and easy to understand for people with no technical knowledge.

Step 1: Tap Windows key + R to Open Run dialog box. Type gpedit.msc in the box and hit enter.

Step 2: Now using left pane, navigate to the following section.
Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Store
Step 3: Now on right hand side, click on the setting named Allow store to install apps on Windows To Go Workspaces. The state should be marked as 'Not Configured' by default. Now double-click on it to open window.

Step 4: Choose Enabled option and then click on OK.

This will enable Windows store on your computer. However if you are running Windows 8 Home edition then you won't be able to access Local Group Policy Editor, in that case try method 2 or method 3.

Method #2 - Using Registry Editor 

This method is especially for those who are running Windows 8 Home edition on their computers because they won't be able to access local group policy editor.

Step 1: Tap Windows + R key simultaneously to open Run dialog box. Now enter Regedt32.exe in Run dialog box and hit enter to open Registry Editor.

Step 2: Navigate to the following;
Step 3: On right hand side look for a setting named EnableWindowsStoreOnWTG 

(If EnableWindowsStoreOnWTG setting doesn't exist then create a one, New > DWORD value and name it as EnableWindowsStoreOnWTG)

Open this by double-clicking and in the box marked as Value Data, enter 1 to make Windows Store accessible. 

Now you can close the Registry Editor. You will be able to access Windows store from now onward.

Method #3 - By Downloading REG File

This is the ultimate way of enabling Windows store on Windows To Go computers, this method works most of the time. If by any reason you weren't able to enable Windows store by using the above two methods then I'm sure this method will do the magic. 
Note: Use this method only if you cannot find Windows Store in Registry editor or if you cannot access Local Group Policy Editor. 
Step 1: Download the REG File to enable Windows Store on Windows To Go Workspaces. 

Step 2: Copy the REG file to desktop. Double click on the REG file (.reg file) to automatically move it on its place. If prompted then click on Run, Yes, Yes and finally OK

Step 3: Now Restart your computer and Done! Now you can access Windows store on WTG workspaces. If you want you can now delete the downloaded REG file.

So I hope this guide was helpful, I'm sure one of the above listed methods will help you enable Windows store on WTG workspaces. Please leave a comment if this helped you.

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