How to Learn Computer Programming Languages

Learning computer programming can be beneficial in many ways, It is fun to learn, can prove to be a good hobby (You can create your own programs), It can also help you career wise. There is a huge demand of skilled computer programmers in various tech companies. 
According to Wikipedia, Computer programming is a process that leads from an original formulation of a computing problem to executable programs. 
Programming languagesLearning computer programming will help you gain a new skill, Increase your knowledge; as you can understand "How programs work" etc. Even if you don't want to make a career in this field, Learning programming is still fun and something you can brag about. In this post I will not teach you programming but will help you by explaining How to Start learning programming and How to choose programming language.

I want to make this article understandable, So I will not use technical terms, so that people without any computer background can also understand. Without wasting any time, Lets begin.

1. Choosing Programming Language

There are many different programming languages, each one is different from the other and is used in different fields. Some are used to create programs, others are used to create web pages, apps etc. 

A language is basically a set of written instructions in a language which is understood by the computer. A computer then follows those instructions and does what the programmer wants it to do. Choosing a language is essential, so choose wisely, However you can always learn more in future. 

There are many different programming languages, but those which are used widely are listed below.

Java and JavaScript

Java or JavaScript is used mainly in creating web plugins, widgets and mobile apps. If you have interest in these then you can go for it. Java is widely used and has a good scope. If you are a blogger or web developer then JavaScript is a must, It is used in day to day blogging work, can help you customize your web page etc.


Like JavaScript, PHP is also used for web programming. It is must for WordPress users and web plugin developers, as WordPress is based on PHP script, So it comes handy for WordPress users. It is also used for creating web pages and plugins. 

C and C++

C and C++ is basic computer programming languages, If you are really into computer programming then this is the first thing you should know. C is easy to learn and is mainly used for creating computer programs. C++ is advanced version of C. Beginners should always start learning with C then C++, as this is a must for programmers.


Advanced version of C++, C# is a bit complicated and is getting more common these days. It is highly in demand and good companies are looking for programmers with C# knowledge. 


Python is easy to learn, good for beginners and people with knowledge of other programming language can pick up quick. It is used over several platforms. Beginners can give it a try.

Objective C

Objective C is used by Apple operating system. It is used for creating iOS apps and also powers Apple OS X and its API's. Objective C is in huge demand as it is used for programming iOS apps and programs.


JQuery is a simpler version of JavaScript and is easy to learn. If you have previous experience of javascript or other programming language then learning jQuery will be like piece of cake. JQuery is used for web developing and for creating widgets and web designing.

2. How to Learn Language

So at this point you must have chosen the language you want to learn. So next step will be learning the language. There are many ways for learning programming, a few common ways are listed below.

Computer Programming Institute / School

If you intend to make career in computer programming then it is better to join Programming school or Institute, as companies will be interested to see course certificate or degree. Learning programming in school will also help you learn better and in expert guidance. After completion of course the institute will also award you with degree or certificate which will serve as proof.

Learn Online

If you want to learn programming only for fun or for improving your skills and you don't require any certificate then you can learn online. There are many sites which can help you learn your choice of programming language (a google search will help), You can also watch videos on YouTube and learn. 

You can also go for online certification course and still get a certificate. There are some online courses which will provide certificate after completion of course.

Some Website to Learn coding:

Teach Yourself with Books

There are many books for dummies to learn coding and programming. With a google search you can find books related to your choice language. You can buy books and teach yourself. 


So there are many ways to be a programmer, It depends on you which one you choose according to your needs. My aim was to make a post describing different programming languages, There are many more but I've only listed those which are widely used. Comments are Welcomed! 


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