10 Reasons Why Blogger is Better than WordPress

When it comes to Blogging, the two most popular choices are Blogger and WordPress. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages, Both are best but it depends on user and his needs which tell us what platform will suit his/her needs. I myself have used both the platforms but I like blogger and this blog is hosted on blogger, though WordPress is more professional and has better features than blogger but I like blogger's simplicity. In this post I'm going to list Reasons Why Blogger is better than WordPress.

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blogger better than wordpress

Why Blogger is Better than WordPress?

1. Free hosting

Blogger blogs are hosted on Google servers and are hundred percent free. You don't have to pay a single penny for hosting, You can host you blog for life time free of cost. This is sure a big advantage, You don't have to spend $$$ every year and you don't have to worry about you site getting down because of service expired. 

For professional bloggers, Having a personal hosting is a must but if you are a new blogger or blogging only for fun then you don't need a personal hosting. Blogger provides lifetime free hosting.

2. Google Trust

Blogger is owned by the search giant Google. Google is one of the top companies in the world and the most visited website on the planet. They thousands of employees and their own servers and stuff. Having a blogger blog directly connects you to Google. And Google is a trustworthy name. As long as you are working under their TOS, you don't have to worry about anything, All is Well :P But Yes, Let me warn you, If you start doing black hat stuff then Google won't spare you.

3. Lots of Free Templates

There are thousands of Free Blogger Templates available online. Installing a blogger template is very easy and anybody can do it without any problems. You can download template which suits your blog and install it in less than a minute. There are also Premium Templates which come with One Time Payment options and are highly customizable. You can also contact Template developers and ask them to make a custom template in exchange of a small fee. 

So my point is that with Blogger you can have access to thousands of Free templates unlike WordPress where most of sensible themes are paid.

4. Easy to Use Interface

Blogger interface is very simple and easy to use. Any body can use blogger interface without confusion. All the options are sorted properly and you can do anything with ease. You can easily open your blog in xml editor and make changes to it (If you know HTML), You can easily connect your custom domain with your blogger blog, You can place AdSense Ads easily and since AdSense is also Google product, You can also view AdSense data of a particular blog by clicking AdSense tab in your blogger interface.

5. Good for Beginner Bloggers

Blogger is a must for beginners as it is Free, Simple and Good for gaining blogging experience. Beginners should start with blogger and when they think they are ready and have enough experience then they can move to more complex WordPress.

6. Easy to Customize (HTML Coding)

Blogger is based on HTML and JavaScript programming which is easier than WordPress which used PHP programming. HTML and JavaScript is easy to learn and even noobs can customize their blog with HTML. However PHP is a bit complex and beginners usually can't get it. If you have a previous knowledge of PHP programming then Blogger will be more simpler for you.

With a little HTML knowledge, you can make changes in your blog template, widgets. You can write custom scripts for your blog. With HTML coding you can place widgets, Ads etc wherever you would like. 

7. Search Engine Benefit

As I said earlier, Blogger is a Google Product and therefore Google will promote Blogger in search results which increases the chances of your blog to appear in google search. Other than that Google also indexes Blogger blogs faster than other sites. 

8. You Gain Experience without paying

When you start blogging, You don't have any experience and at that time investing in hosting can be a loss. So if you start off with blogger which is 100% free then you can gain experience and later on move to WordPress. Well, WordPress also have a free hosting blogging service but I prefer blogger over Free WordPress as Blogger also comes with many other advantages.

9. SPAM Control

WordPress users have to pay for plugins which help in controlling Spam but this does not applies for blogger. Blogger has an inbuilt SPAM Controller which is very powerful (of course Google). The inbuilt Spam controller automatically detects spam comments and removes them. So you don't have to bang you head reading SPAM comments, Blogger will take care of that.

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10. Security

Last but not the least, Blogger provides Free High class security to their users, whereas WordPress users have to pay for security. This is another benefit, Blogger blogs are safe from Hackers and viruses, whereas on the other hand most WordPress blogs are vulnerable to these cyber attacks.

Final Words

So I think the above 10 points said everything and I don't have to say another word. I want declare one thing, By writing this post I'm not saying that WordPress is crap, No that's not my point. As I said earlier both the platforms have their own Advantages and Disadvantages. My point is that WordPress is more complicated for new bloggers and new bloggers should start with blogger and later if they think need of WordPress then they can move. I hope this article was helpful.

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