5 Ways to Reduce Android Battery Consumption

Android is the most used mobile platform in the world. If you are an Android Smartphone user then you may have noticed that sometimes battery drains very fast turning your smartphone into a dead rock. Nowadays smartphones come with so many amazing features then why battery always sucks? Well the answer to this question is simple, With bigger display, processor, apps etc the battery consumption is also going to be high, So isn't there any solution to this irritating problem?

reduce android battery consumption

Today I will put down some killer tips which can help you in reducing battery consumption of your Android smartphone and help your smartphone last a couple of hours extra until the last drop of battery is remaining.

5 Ways to Reduce Android Battery Consumption 

The ways are pretty simple and any one can follow them with ease. After applying these tips you'll surely see a drastic improvement in battery life.

1. Reduce Brightness / Use Auto Brightness

Android smartphones are equipped with big AMOLED displays which suck all the battery. Using such big displays with high brightness will result in higher battery consumption. So if you want to save battery, Reduce Brightness or switch to Auto Brightness mode.
How to Do that:
In your Android Smartphone, Go to Settings > Display > Brightness. Now move the slider to reduce brightness. For high end smartphones with Light sensor, You can also tick Auto Brightness option.

2. Turn Off Radio Functions When Not in Use

Radio Functions means all functions which require radio signal to operate. Some of the functions are Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Mobile Data etc. If these functions are enabled then they will keep sending/receiving signal thus wasting battery (If I'm not in Wi-Fi zone then the phone wi-fi will continue to search for wi-fi signal, thus wasting battery life and same goes for Mobile Data, Bluetooth). So when not in use, Turn off Bluetooth, Mobile Data, Wi-Fi etc.
Tip: If you are in No coverage zone, then switch to Airplane mode, otherwise your phone will continue to search for mobile signal and consume more battery.

3. Make use of Battery Booster Apps

There are many apps in Google Play store which help in optimizing battery for long run. These apps track usage and notify you "Which apps are consuming more battery" etc. These apps also help you clear RAM by closing apps running in background. Overall these apps really help in saving battery on times you need it most.

I've used such an App "Du Battery Saver" and it really helped me save battery. This app is free to download and works on most android devices. This app also comes with widgets for easy access.

Go to Play Store > Search "Du Battery Saver" > Download & Install

4. Limit Playing Games & Watching HD Movies

I know this is the most awesome things about smartphones but to save battery you have to limit playing high end HD games or watching HD movies and videos. Doing such thing increases use of processor unit and Display runs continously thus reducing battery.

5. Switch to Power Saving Mode

Many Android devices come with an in-built Power saving mode which can do wonders on times. This mode helps reduce battery consumption, giving you more time with device.

Go to Settings > Switch On 'Power Saving Mode'

This mode comes with different options which you can choose like 'Reducing CPU usage' etc.

Final Words

Making use of the above given tips will help you reduce battery consumption and over heating. i hope this article was helpful, Please leave your comments below.

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