5 SEO Techniques Every Blogger Must Follow

seo techniques for bloggersBloggers can't live without SEO today. It's not enough just to write and post some stories online to be a successful blogger because there are millions of websites on the same niche online, and you should do something to attract readers and make them know about your blog. Even if it's good and informative, it will not get any traffic without right SEO, and as far as you understand, blogging is nothing without traffic. 

It's not very difficult to make your blog SEO-friendly. These basic techniques are must-follow for every blogger if he wants to see his website in the first page of Google Search and get as much targeted traffic as possible. 

1. Learn what SEM is

You won't be able to do anything for your blog to get a high PR and become popular, if you don't clearly understand what SEM is. SEM is a search engine marketing, and when you get the definition itself and its main principle, it's time for you to start using it. 

2. Choose the most appropriate keyword

What word or word combination will people use to search for the info given at your blog? You should check Google AdWords and choose the most appropriate one to use for your blog. But it won't be good if you choose a keyword that has millions of competitors on the Web, as no one will find your blog among them. So, choose a keyword with in about 5 000 monthly researches, and it will work much better to you. 

3. Perfect titles and optimized content

Catchy titles attracts users. Moreover, they attract search engines too! Your task is to make titles both informative (for search engine to understand what info you are going to provide) and interesting (for your potential readers to want read it actually). The content itself is not the last thing to pay attention to as well! Try to optimize it for maximum, using subtitles, short paragraphs, catchy images... All this makes people want to continue reading your blog, and it works perfectly for getting a higher rank from Google.

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4. Remember about keywords

Never forget about keywords! They are a guarantee, that your blog will appear in search engine results. Google won't be able to find it among millions of other sources on the Web, so, don't be lazy to spread appropriate keywords in your blog's content. They should be present in titles, descriptions, and articles' bodies themselves. But it doesn't mean that you should use them everywhere you can and make the text look like a simple heap of word combinations with no connections between them. Keywords should be used very wisely. 

5. Use bookmarks

To generate new visitors to your blog, don't forget to submit some social bookmarks to it. This is a really essential instrument, as it lets more users to find out about your blog through social networks.  It's not difficult to add some “Share” button to every blog article to make it easier for visitors to spread it via their social media. Some extra traffic is guaranteed. 

Do all these thing seem obvious to you? But even a specialist can't do anything without basic knowledge, especially when these basics do work for him! Following all basic points can bring much profit and success indeed.

Submitted by Alex Strike, Writing Help blogger and copywriter. Nothing works good to him but words and interesting content to share. 

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