10 Most Popular Mistakes All Bloggers Make

The ten mistakes listed below are all very common mistakes, and if you are a blogger then you will be hard pressed to honestly say you have never made at least one of these mistakes. Each mistake also has a possible solution underneath it.

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10 the Most Popular Mistakes All Bloggers Make

1 - Writing very long paragraphs

Doing this will make the blog posts very difficult to read. It is not like reading from paper where text may be squished into tiny areas. Digital text needs to be purposefully easier to read, which means smaller paragraphs.

Just don’t do it

Don’t write long paragraphs. Split up your paragraphs when you are finished and either make the content more concise, or use transitions between paragraphs so people can follow the thread as if the paragraphs were still long.

2 - Not adding images to their blog posts

People don’t do it because they do not think of it or they do not think it matters, but it really does as it gives life to a blog post. And, an image is often what people use to judge the content, so you need to make sure you have images.

Add at least one image to each blog post

Make a point of adding at least one image. It can be an image you took yourself with your own camera, or drew onto your computer. It can even be a public domain/creative commons license picture if you wish.

3 - Not using a scheduling tool

A scheduling tool is something that all bloggers need. It makes it so that a blogger can plan posts weeks in advance, and ensures that the blog is always posted at the correct time and on the correct day. Not having one will rob the blog of a regular blog posting frequency.

Find a scheduling tool you can use

Make sure you find a good one that does its job perfectly and allows you to schedule quite a few in advance.

4 - Forgetting to update their RSS feed

This is a common mistake that people truly make by accident. They will update their blog but forget to write a line in their RSS feed and update it. This leads to RSS feed subscribers wondering what is going on and not visiting.

Find a scheduling tool that updates your RSS feed when it posts your blog

When you find your scheduling tool from tip number 3, you should also find one that updates your RSS feed too. When you upload your blog post to the tool you also add your RSS feed description line, and the tool updates and posts on your behalf when the time is right.

5 - Running out of ideas so they become boring

This is classic and the mistake that all bloggers truly make. People start to slowly run out of ideas or burnout, so they either quit or they go searching on Google for a new topic. They often find one that is sufficient and create a twisted rewrite or re-imagining. It makes for very boring reading and the blog often loses its edge.

Plan your blog posts weeks in advance

Doing this is going to help identify when you are running out of ideas. You are then forced to deal with your lack of ideas weeks before it actually becomes an issue; by which time you will have probably come up with hundreds of new ideas.

6 - Changing the tone and style of writing

This often happens over time without the writer even realizing it, and sometimes this is okay. It is not so good if the writer does it every week, or every fortnight. It makes the blog harder to follow and builds a very weak blogging brand.

Create a blogging structure that you stick to

Set up a set of blogging conditions or a blogging structure that keeps your style more uniform. For example, if you are the host of a funny blog then vow to have at least every third sentence say something funny. If you set up conditions such as this then it is harder to deviate from a certain blogging style.

7 - Being apologetic for your opinion or content

This happens when a blogger writes a post and then gets a lot of negative feedback from people on social media or people on the comment section. The blogger starts to apologize for comments or content and becomes increasingly conservative and apologetic in the future (which makes for dull reading).

Know that it is your blog and set your rules accordingly

You are the lord and master of your blog because you are doing it for free. You are the boss because you have no boss, which means all rules are your own. If your viewers do not like it then they can go read the My Little Pony blog instead.

8 - Trying a little bit of black-hat SEO

It is very tempting to try and stuff a few cloaked keywords into your blog, or to solicit for links. It is even easier when you see how many people are advertising things such as links for sale and Facebook “like”s for sale. But, the results are always the same; i.e. the blog is penalized by Google.

Forget shortcuts and work for long term goals

Remember the fact that getting higher up the Google search engine results is going to take a long time and that Google are well aware of all the ways people manipulate search engines.

9 - Adding affiliate advertising and scaring off loyal viewers

Bloggers do this because it is a way of monetizing a blog. They see that they are getting traffic and see lots of adverts for how affiliate advertising makes a lot of money and how exciting and fun it is, so they give it a go and scare off their loyal viewers.

Consider your audience before you make your decision

Is there no other way that you can make money with your blog? Does it have to be affiliate advertising? The money you get for affiliate advertising is very little and probably not worth scaring your loyal viewers off for.

10 - Changing the focus/topic of the blog

This often happens after a blogger has run out of ideas and has started to push the limits of his/her blog topic. It also happens when the blogger’s enthusiasm for a certain topic starts to die off and he/she wants to try new things. He/she starts to dabble with other topics, leaving the original blog topic out to dry.

Define your blog topic and stick to it

You can always write guest blog posts if you have other ideas that you want to spread around. You do not have to put your newer off-topic ideas onto your own blog.

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