4 Best Google Chrome Addons for YouTube

google chrome youtube addon
Google Chrome is really a very good web browser, and that is the very reason that it is the most widely used Web Browser nowadays. And that it's great flexibility allows you to so many things on it, with the addons for Chrome that are available on their store. So in this post I would tell you some really cool Addons for Chrome, that would really improve the experience of YouTube that you were not able to enjoy. So let's start.

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Best Google Chrome Addons for YouTube.

1. Looper

As the name suggests, this addon would add a button on the bottom, with other options. And if you click that button, that would make the video to play and repeat that track automatically. And the video would repeat that option until you again click at that button. This would prove to a good track repeater, if you often use YouTube for  listening to music on YouTube.

2. Turn off the Lights

Now this a pretty cool addon for chrome, and it is useful too. The addon would add a bulb icon in the address bar, and if you click it, the everything expect the video player would fade to dark and hence it would increase the interest and make it look like a good video player. And also this would allow you to watch YouTube videos without any distractions, like advertisements. This is a very useful feature, I always use it, when I watch any music video. 

3. YouTube Feed

This addon goes out to some of the very advanced and regular YouTube users. If you have already subscribed to a lot many different channels, and would likely to be informed when any new video comes up, on your subscription list, this addon goes for you. However in YouTube there also inbuilt features on YouTube also to do this, but this addon would make it more easy and useful and rather create a really systematic feed for you, and it would allow you to watch new videos of your desired channels in a very effective and systematic way too. But this YouTube video performs well  and gives you good experience when there are many channels, like around 50 or greater.

4. YouTube PIP

Again this addon for Chrome,  comes for very hardcore YouTube users. And also multi-taskers, who are always trying to do many other things on their desktop besides watching a YouTube video. Earlier one would detach the tab, that had the video you are viewing and then using "Always on Top" to make sure it was on the top, and you could watch it with no effort. But this addon makes the task more easy and effortless. This is  YouTube Picture in Picture, the video detaches itself from the main window of the chrome browser, and would always stay on top without you requiring anything to click and view. And hence you could watch your videos while multi-tasking, as it would go to top, and all that with just a single click. :)
So these were some of the Addons for Chrome, that would help you and make your YouTube experience unique and delightful. So I hope this helped. :)

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