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There are times when web developers come up with ideas that you would never have thought of, ideas that aren’t exactly useful but at the same time you’ll think to yourself – Well that’s pretty cool. A new online collage cover creator app named Create a Cover for Facebook is one such example.

Create Stunning Facebook Covers in No Time!

The Cool Thing about Make a Cover for Facebook

facebook cover creator app
The cool and, indeed, innovative thing about this Facebook cover creator is the way in which it puts together Facebook Covers. In fact, the objective of the creator app is to make it such that users are able to put together their own personalized Facebook Cover. The way in which Facebook covers are constructed by this application is that a character is selected, and then you customize a default character – perhaps the position of its arms and legs, its hair style and facial expression.

Is It Original?

A cartoon Facebook timeline picture is something that I’ve seen before – dozens of times, but the facility to be able to piece together something myself such that I have a creative input isn’t something that I have seen before Create a Cover for Facebook.

The target market of this cover creator app for Facebook is clearly those that wish to have an input on the design of their Facebook timeline cover but don’t want or have the time to invest to make on their own. The free Create a Cover for Facebook is a little bit like paint by numbers, but even easier.

facebook cover creator app

Does This Facebook Cover Maker App Add Value?

Although this cover creator app for Facebook is original and does add value to the Facebook cover making space, there are some areas in which it may seem lacking to some people.   For example, there is no ability to add shapes, to change colours of objects or to upload your own images or creations to work with. Your Facebook cover creations are very much limited to the design framework that has been provided by the developer.

What Would Improve This App?

At the moment the cover creator seems a little limited in its technical ability, the most obvious missing functionality is the ability to add text and have a greater influence o the colour of the aspects of which one is painting. I feel that the additional of textual input would in addition to be able to move items manually around the page would add a lot of value to the user experience of this Facebook cover creator.

facebook cover creator app

Would I Recommend this App?

Yes, As a free web app it’s worth checking out, and it’ll only take a few minutes of your time to figure out whether making a character centric Facebook cover is something that is right for you. In my opinion, there are many people who will absolutely love the ability to dress up a character and use that character on their Facebook cover, however, there will also be a significant segment that won’t see the point and be quite content with their picture from their holiday for their timeline cover picture. 

Rating: ★★★ out of 5

My rating for this app is 4 out of 5 which is very good and I definitely recommend checking out this app. Also let us know your views about this app in comments below. Have Fun!!!


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