Seeking an Alternative to Facebook Messenger? Look No Further than Chit Chat

Over the past three years Facebook has extended its dominance of social networking from that of being a medium of news and picture exchange to web-based chatting, more commonly known as instant messaging.
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So quick has Facebook managed to establish Facebook chat as a dominant network that it has caught many of the established players such as AIM, MSN Messenger and Digsby off guard. In fact they have been caught so far off guard that these networks are now shadows in terms of popularity of their former selves. Indeed, MSN Messenger is closing down next month (May 2013).

Using the Facebook Chat Network

Whilst Facebook chat is indeed a dominant chat network, and Facebook does now offer the ability to chat on your desktop there are alternatives to the Facebook Messenger program.

There are many reasons as to why you might want to change from using Facebook’s own desktop Messenger application:

  • Signing in problems: Often due to the “web” phrasing connection nature strategy of the Facebook Messenger application, sign in problems can and do occur.  
  • Privacy concerns: Now that Facebook has become stock market listed there is a growing pressure to monetize apps to a greater extent to achieve greater share-holder value year on year. There is a conflict in interest between the Facebook users and the Facebook shareholders. 
  • Advertisement intrusion: Even though at the time of writing Facebook Messenger is free of advertising, we’ve found that Facebook has with no notice randomly added advertising in various places of their online assets once market dominance has been established. 
  • Missing features: Though Facebook Messenger does indeed offer the utility that you would expect from a Messenger application – chatting, there are many features such as auto-responding, text formatting and status changing that you may feel like you are missing out on from your desktop.

Chit Chat for Facebook is an independently developed desktop Facebook Messenger download that connects to the Facebook chat network. This unofficially developed application includes some features that many have come to expect from instant messenger networks over the years including status change notifications and a tabbed instant messenger interface.

chit chat messenger

More recently the developers of this Facebook messenger download have included a clever chat history database system which makes it easy to find messages that were sent a long time ago.

Advantages That Chit Chat Provides Over Facebook Messenger

  • Robust Connection: This Facebook Messenger alternative offers two methods by which it connects to Facebook chat, if one doesn’t work the system will automatically try the second methodology. This is all in the background of course. 
  • Sign In Notifications: This clever chat app lets you know when your Facebook friends and foes have logged in and out with a toast bar in the bottom right hand side. 
  • Database Chat History: Facebook’s chat history isn’t exactly the easiest to sift through online. If storing your conversations is important to you, then you’ll love what Chit Chat has to offer. 

Independently Developed– There is a growing area of concern over the dominance of Facebook in the area of social networking and the extent of personal data and information with which Facebook have access to. Including a Facebook application on one’s computer offer an additional opportunity for Facebook to connect personal information that you have elected to share with information that you have not explicitly opted to share. Chit Chat being independently developed mitigates this issue.


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