7 Best Finance Apps for Apple iPad Users

Here are seven apps that you should try if you have just bought yourself an iPad. They are better than any of the iPhone versions because they have larger displays, they are easier to read and some of them have more functions. Some of them are just iPad apps and some are also available on the iPhone and Android. The apps are in no particular order because they each do different things.

best finance apps ipad

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7 Best Finance Apps for iPad Users

1. PowerOne Finance Calculator

This is an RPN and algebraic calculator, and is good if you work within the finance field. It can help you to work out ROI, and do various types of conversions. It allows you to calculate compound growths, profit margins, auto loans, depreciation, etc.

2. Easy Books

This app is handy if you have to maintain a lot of accounts at once. If you are self-employed you may have to manage different accounts, and it is unlikely that any of them start and finish at the same time. This app can go some way to synchronizing your efforts so that you do not accidentally come up short on one of your accounts or budgets. This is an app that is good at making accounting tasks a little easier, and is great for people who do not like the Sage program.

3. PocketMoney

This is a personal financial manager app that is very easy to use. It looks great and has a fairly simple function. It has a “budget bar” panel with which you can see a visual representation of your budget. You are able to see if you are draining one of your budgets in the same way you may check a car for petrol. This is a good single-glance app, because it shows you (in one glance) just how much of your budget you have left.

4. The Wall Street Journal

This is a finance app that allows you to read the Wall Street Journal. It is a financial newspaper which is similar to the British Financial Times newspaper. This app allows you to read the paper with a very high quality display. It is not a text-to-screen job, because they have put a lot of attention into making the pages seem pleasant and readable. It also has interactive pages, slideshows, videos and pictures too.

5. Account Tracker

This is a budgeting tool that you can use to manage your expense accounts with consummate ease. It allows you to track how you are spending your money and how much of your budget you have left. It is very good for taking a quick glance at your finances every now and again. The app is very customizable so that you can change and adjust it to your specific needs. You can set up things such as alerts that will tell you if you have overdrawn or have gone over your budget.

6. PayPal

There are a lot of apps that allow you to access your PayPal account, and as you may imagine, there is one for the iPad. The PayPal app is good for gaining access to your account so that you can check your balance, upload and withdraw money. It is also good for receiving money that is in a different currency, as you can change it right there and then. PayPal also have a very quick withdrawal time if you have a business account and are a regular user. PayPal acts as a very good intermediate, which people should use if they do not want to keep giving away their card details to websites.

7. Bloomberg for iPad

This is also an iPhone app that you can use to look at stocks and shares. The iPad version is better than the iPhone version because the interface is bigger and subsequently easier to use. It allows you to take a closer look at an awful lot of information in one go. It is good for experts and amateurs. It is also very well presented and very good at its job.

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