6 Facts You Need to Know About Blackberry 10

Blackberry 10 is out in the market now after the modification of years. Users get secure platform by using Blackberry 10, as it proffers immediate operating system. Before going to buy Blackberry 10 you have to know some important facts about it. These facts include its handset, BBM, apps, features and many more.

blackberry 10 smartphone facts

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Facts You Need to Know About Blackberry 10

1. Handset

Blackberry handset is the mixture of different qualities. Dial pad, contact list and calls are the main tabs that are vital in any phone. While you receive calls by using Blackberry 10 phone, you will get it best. The contact list has similarity along with contact application. Hence, while you click on dial pad you can hear different tones on pressing every key. Contact app allows you different options while you are going to make any call such as call audio and call forwarding. Blackberry 10 lets you call waiting, call summary, voice mail, call blocking, Bluetooth, as well.

2. Blackberry Messenger

BBM is becoming the main marketing median while you make use of Blackberry 10. You may experience something new while you use BBM at Blackberry 10. It is refurnished in manageable way. It possesses main features include e-mail, voice call, emotions, music and video player, picture messages and video messages. Excluding these main features it also includes video chatting that makes you feel more pleasure. You can make video chatting with your friends and families by using this valuable application.

3. Addition of Navigation Features

Blackberry 10 is planned with different navigation tools those include Blackberry Peek, BlackBerry Flow and Blackberry Hub. With the use of Blackberry Peek you are capable of peek other application while you are using any other application. You can use eight apps at the same time with the use of BlackBerry Flow.Users get notification of their e-mails, new text messages and social medial alerts via Blackberry Hub.

4. More than 70,000 Apps

Now blackberry 10 offers more than 70,000 apps like other Android handsets. It announced lots of apps such as Angry Birds, ESPN Score Centre, Kindle Fire, Skype, Cut the Rope, radio, Twitter, Flixter and many other apps just like that. You can download these apps very easily from your handset by using Blackberry shop. You can download anything from here as it contains every type of app include music, theme, entertainment and many more.

5. Separate vocational and personal apps

Now, blackberry offers unique app through which you can separate your business and personal apps. While you use this app your personal data don’t mixed with your official data. Asa result, if you or any of your co-workers will leave that company then all of the information of that person will automatically removed from the data.

6. Unique Keyboard

You can experience a unique design of keyboard that having unique features. Users can flick the words directly to the screen by using this awesome keyboard. 

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Hence, while you get to know about these unique facts of Blackberry 10 it would prove beneficial for you. You can also get accessibility to price list of Blackberry 10.

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