5 Ways to Protect Your iPhone and Other Apple Devices

ways to protect your iphone apple devicesApple devices embody a trick combination of properties: being both very expensive and very vulnerable to damage. The screens and cases of their mobile devices while designed to provide some protection do unfortunately break quite frequently. Additionally their premium value of Apple’s products make them vulnerable to theft too. Here are 5 top tips to avoid or lessen the heartbreak of being parted with your Apple device. These largely apply to mobile devices but can be applied to your desktop computer too.

5 Ways to Protect Your iPhone and Other Apple Devices

1. Buy a protective case. 

This may seem obvious but it’s amazing how many people choose not to bother with a case. It is true that some styles of case add substantial bulk to the device, detract from the sleek design and even capture dirt between the case and the device, ultimately causing minor scratching and defeating its purpose.  However there are many other high quality, well designed cases e.g. hard cases that fit snugly, barely add volume and look great. Removable phone socks or neoprene removable pockets are also a great solution to protecting your device inside a bag or when storing it. These will lessen the impact of falls or blows, protect against scrapes and even liquid damage if you buy a waterproof version. Invisible Nano-coating can be applied that makes the whole device liquid repellent, inside and out.

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2. Use screen protectors. 

These are similar to the ones come on any new smart phone or tablet but are of higher quality and blend more seamlessly. A good screen protector shouldn’t impair the sensitivity of the touch screens’ reactions either. Packs of screen protectors containing multiple stickers allow you to change them if the first one becomes worn. 

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Pairing these with an open faced or removable case will save the delicate screen from scratches. Unfortunately screen protectors can’t make the screen indestructible so if in the event of a bad knock you might need to replace the screen, a process that has become much quicker and cheaper over time.

3. Make it Easy to Identify in Event of Loss or Theft.

ways to protect your iphone apple devicesIn the UK there is a national register for all property. Simply register with the immobilize service and enter all the property that you want to register with national databases. Their database is visible to the UK Police, allowing them to verify ownership of stolen goods. Strengthen this measure by also downloading an app that allows you to remote find or lock your Apple device from another Apple iOS. Apple have built their own app of this type called ‘Find my iPhone’ which has received good reviews.

4. Back up your data. 

Apple provides 5GB of free iCloud storage space, after which you can purchase additional storage so you’ll never permanently lose all your data. Music, movies and books bought through iTunes is automatically backed up for free and is unlimited. iTunes also allow you to sync multiple devices to the same iTunes account.  Consider how much you value the content on your computer, tablet or phone and act accordingly, backing up your data online, on an external hard drive or with hard copies.

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5. Get Your Device Insured to cover Financial Impact 

Due to the expense of any apple device it is wise to take out insurance. Use Which? Or The Money Saving Expert to find the best value for money insurance policies for mobile devices or home contents. Home contents insurance will protect all your personal belongings including mobile items. 

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You should check if there are clauses on paying out in the event of loss or damage occurring outside of the home. Alternatively ask your bank if they offer insurance on personal belongings as part of any of their bank accounts. Where this is available you’ll have to pay for the account but are sure to get a host of other benefits too.

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