Things to Check Before Buying Used Blackberry Phone

There is no doubt that blackberry is not the only brand which is serving us with some of the best smart phones in market, but definitely can be mentioned as some of the very first which came up with this idea of carrying your world in your hands. And this is the only reason which makes this brand much more special and different from others. 

used blackberry phone checklist

But yet it doesn't matter how well you know this brand or not there are still few things and facts you should know before you finally buy used blackberry phone and we are here to help you with those facts. Below are some points which you should keep in mind before buying used blackberry phone.

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Buyers Checklist for Used Blackberry Phone.

IMEI and PIN Number 

The very first thing or details you should look for so that you can assure yourself that what you are paying for is a genuine and a original product from company is its IMEI and PIN number. In fact this is a piece of detail which should be checked in case of every single company product which is available in market. For IMEI number you can check on the box of the same or you can even check inside after removing the battery.

Age of Use

Next thing you should check thoroughly is its age of use, there are chances that you don't believe this piece of information but it is true. There are sellers who are selling old piece of junk in new boxes and if you want to stay safe form such users it is important that you use this function. In case of blackberry mobile you can check for this piece of information with the help of options provided in menu.   

Test Different Functions

A through test is very much compulsory so that you don't have to regret later. Check each and every detail in extended manner, be it features or application checks all so that you be aware what you are paying for. In case of new handsets you can select status in menu and write TEST and after this you can comfortably check what all information you are willing to obtain. Test Camera, Keyboard, Wifi, Bluetooth, Speaker, Earphone jack, Display etc.

Memory & Battery Life

BlackBerry Smartphone, contain how much GB of internal storage, which may seem like a lot at first, but can fill up fast when users regularly use this blackberry device. A memory card is a useful choice for people who expect to save songs, videos, or other sizable files on their BlackBerry by increasing the available memory on their phone. Owners will also have more compatible if battery backup is good because battery is lifeline of any phone.

What Accessories You're Getting with It

According to this point you should check for all in your complete package. Starting from data cable, charger, memory card, CD driver, manual book, hands-free and all the other company is offering as the part of the deal (with few handset company even provide leather case to keep your product safe). Check thoroughly if the screen of the handset is smooth and clear or not.

Warranty Details

Coming on to the last point, we here suggest you to check warranty details so the product provided by company. Read carefully what all cases they have included in list where company would help you in overcoming the problem. This will help you in avoiding problem you might face.

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