Top 6 Must Have Travel Apps for Android Users

Nowadays almost everybody owns a Smartphone and the Reason behind owning a Smartphone is because it makes your life easier. A Smartphone helps in daily tasks and also proves to be an amazing entertainment device. The thing which makes a Smartphone capable of doing the above stuff is known as 'Applications' or 'Apps'. An Application is a program which lets smartphone do various things and the best part is that there are thousands of different Apps available to download. 

must have travel apps android

When it comes to Traveling, there are several apps available which helps you plan your trips, track flights, getting directions etc. There are some utility apps which are very useful for people who travel a lot. So Today I'll list Top Travel Apps for Android users. So lets begin

Top Travel Apps for Android Users

1. TripIt 

TripIt is an Amazing Travel Organizer app which will organize all your travel plans in one place making it easy for you to access them anytime. Simply forward your airline, hotel, restaurant reservations to TripIt and it will take care of the rest. With TripIt, You can get directions to your destinations, daily weather forecasts etc. So next time when you travel, Make sure that you have TripIt.

Never get lost with Google Maps. This is the perfect Navigation app for travelers. You can get directions to anywhere you want, This app also gives additional information like the shortest route to your destination, Best places for eating, Places to visit, nearest hospitals, fire stations, restaurants, petrol pumps, hotels and lots more. Google Maps also provide Voice guided Turn-By-Turn Navigation which you can use while driving. It also shows Live Traffic Information which can help you avoid high traffic areas.

Google Maps is a Must have Android app, Not only for Travelers but for everyone who likes exploring places around you.

3. MakeMyTrip

MakeMyTrip is an Amazing app for planning your Holidays, This is an All-in-One Travel app. With this app you can Book Flight Tickets, You can do Hotel Booking, You can Book Bus Tickets and lots more. You can view different holiday packages for travel in India and Abroad. This is a Complete Travel package app and a must have for travelers.

This is a very handy app for currency conversion, With this app you can convert every currency on the go. The currency rates are updated very frequently (You can set the update frequency). This app stores the currency rates for offline usage. This is a perfect app for someone who travels abroad every now and then.

5. Packing List

Packing List is a great app which will make sure that you've packed all the stuff you need for the trip. Basically it is a Travel Checklist app which comes with a Pre-Loaded Master List which can be generated in no time. You can also create a checklist from scratch and the best thing is that you can sort them category wise. Packing List also supports multiple checklists at a time which helps when planning your trip. This one is a must if you keep forgetting important stuff.

FlightTrack is a great app for Tracking Flights. You can check Real-Time flight status, cancellations, delays, status for gates. Covering more than 3000 major airports worldwide with over 1,400 airlines, This app is good for those who travel a lot by air, With this app you can easily track flights on the go.


So if you are a Constant traveler then do give a try to the above listed apps. If you have some other favorite travel apps then do let us know below in comments. I hope this article was helpful, Please share it with your friends using social networks. Thanks!

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