5 Tips to Make Blog Load Faster

Tips to Make Blog Load FasterIf you want more Traffic or want to Reduce your Blogs Bounce rate then the first thing to do is making your blog load faster. The number one reason for high bounce rate and low traffic is the loading speed of the blog, Blogs taking long to load often annoys visitors and  as many Internet users have low connection speed and if your site is taking long to load then your visitors will go somewhere else. If you want your visitors to stick to your site then you must work to make your blog load fast. The Following are some tips which will help you make blog load faster. So lets begin.

5 Tips to Make Blog Load Faster

1.  Optimize Images and Limit their Number

The biggest factor affecting blog loading speed is Images but without Images a blog is lifeless, So should we remove Images in order to make blog fast? No, I'm not saying to remove Images but to optimize them so that your blog can load faster. By optimizing, I mean changing Image height and width to the required value. Images with higher resolution take more time to load and changing resolution improves loading speed. Another way to optimize is by making use of JPEG, GIF, BMP format. Avoid using PNG etc. as they take more time to load.

You can also use Lazy Image Loading Script for making blog load faster. This script makes Images load Lazily after your content has loaded. This way the Important content will load first and afterwards Images. This script is perfect for photography blogs or blogs with high number of Images.

2. Limit CSS / Javascript

Tips to Make Blog Load Faster
If you are having too many Javascript/CSS codes in your blog then your blog will definitely be dead slow. Always keep your Template clean with minimum use of CSS and Javascript. Use W3C CSS validator to clean CSS and validate codes of your blog, Doing so will bring a big change in loading speed and will also remove errors from codes. You can directly go to W3C Validator website and enter your website url and it will automatically scan your site and will provide information.

3. Limit Number of Advertisements

I know you want to make money from your Blog but If your blog takes time loading then you'll lose big part of your traffic and no traffic means no money. So it is really important that you pay attention on your ads, A Blog with too many Advertisements annoys people and also make your blog slow. It is really important that you use less ads and place them properly, so that you can benefit from them. Less number and Proper placement of ads will help you earn even more money and will also make your blog load faster and if your blog is slow then your visitors will head somewhere else.

4. Remove Unnecessary Widgets

If you have too many Widgets/Plugins on your blog then it will take longer for your blog to load. So to make blog load faster, Remove unnecessary Widgets and plugins. Only use widgets which are really important and useful for your blog visitors (like: Popular Posts, Random Posts, Recent Comments etc.)

5. Use White Color Background

In the past when I was working on my blog template, I experimented with different background colors and compared them with each other to see which one is fast loading. I found that White color (#FFFFFF) is the fastest loading color and best for blog background. Having white color background does help a bit in making blog load faster.

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