5 Tips to Get Approved by Google Adsense

tips to get approved by googlr adsenseYesterday I received an Email from one of our fan and He asked me that Google Adsense has rejected his application and What to do? He also sent me a screenshot of email he received from Adsense team. I tried my best to help him get the approval and Today I decided to write an article on this topic, So that everyone can get help. Today I'll be listing 5 Tips or tweaks which will help you get Google Adsense Approval Fast. I just want you to go through this article and make the required changes to your site.

As everyone knows that Google Adsense is one of the Best Advertising Networks and is also High Paying but don't worry if Adsense is not approving you, You can still make money with your blog using other adsense alternatives, Recently I wrote an article 5 Best Google Adsense Alternatives which contains some Ad networks, who easily approve applications. So if your are not getting approved by adsense, Meanwhile try the alternatives.
Note: Making the following changes to your blog does not guarantee Adsense approval but it increases your chances to get approved.

Tips to Get Approved by Google Adsense

1. Add Privacy Policy

According to the new Adsense policies, Publishers must have a Privacy policy on their blog. Below is the exact quote from Google:
Exact Quote from Google: "You must have and abide by an appropriate privacy policy that clearly discloses that third parties may be placing and reading cookies on your user’s browser, or using web beacons to collect information, in the course of ads being served on your website. Your privacy policy should also include information about user options for cookie management." 
So if you don't have a privacy policy then It is a good idea to add one before applying for Google Adsense. Recently I wrote a Tutorial on Generating Privacy Policy complying with Adsense, So take a look at that. 

Tip 1: Before Applying Adsense, Make sure that you have a Privacy Policy added to your blog.

2. Switch to Custom Domain

If you're using a custom domain (www.yourdomain.com) then your chances are high because google considers it as a serious blogger and not some kid trying to make money. I'm not saying that Adsense does not approve blogspot blogs, Yes they do approve blogspot blogs (I was on blogspot domain when I got approved) but in order to get approved on blogspot domain, you domain must be old (approx an year old), It should be receiving decent traffic and is complying with adsense policies. It is best to have a Custom Domain before applying adsense, as it increases your chances.

Tip 2: If possible, Try switching to Custom Domain

3. Write Lots of Content

If your blog is lacking content then no matter how much traffic you are receiving, Google is not going to approve your Adsense application. It is very Important to have lots of high quality and unique content, Google loves blogs with good quality content and approves them easily. 

Before applying to Adsense, Make sure that you have at least 50 unique and high quality articles (500+ words). Try updating your blog with new content every 2-3 days, This will not only help you with Adsense but many other things like Alexa Ranking or Google Page Rank etc.

Tip 3: Write lots of high quality content containing 500+ words. Before applying make sure you have 50+ articles

4. Get Back Links

Back links are very essential for a blog, This indicates the value of a blog and search engines take it seriously. Having good amount of back links will surely help you getting approved by Adsense and it will also help you improve alexa and page rank.

There are many ways to get back links and some of the best ways are Guest Posting, Commenting on Other Blogs, Commenting on High PR blogs, Link exchange etc. You can read my previous article 10 Best Ways to get High Quality Back links.

Tip 4: Try to get as many link backs as possible.

5. Make sure that your site don't have Copyrighted Stuff

If you steal article from other blogs or websites, If you are having copyrighted stuff or illegal stuff on your blog then forget it, You are not going to get approved by Adsense.

Review your blog and remove all copied content immediately. Use rel="nofollow" tag on external links and try to keep external links to the minimum. Remove Copyrighted stuff before applying for adsense.

Tip 5: Remove Copied, Copyrighted, Illegal stuff from your blog before applying for adsense.

Bonus: Read Google Adsense Terms 

I know it is very boring to go through all the terms and policies but it is important. Many times some small mistakes keep us from getting approved and reading the terms properly help use eliminate mistakes completely. So it is really important that you are aware of Adsense Terms.


So if you make the above changes to your blog then it will surely increases your chances for getting an approved Adsense account. I hope this article was helpful, Please leave your comments below if you are having any problems or queries. Thanks 


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