Top 10 Technology Apps For Kids Education

In simple terms, children love gadgets. What better way to teach children than through these gadgets. Parents give their kids smartphones and other hand-held devices like a PlayStation Portable (PSP) as gifts. But the knowledge of using these for educational purposes are not known.

technology apps for kidsThere are many games that are educational that kids can play. These educational apps make learning fun and develop the child’s mental motor skills. Subjects like math, science and even different languages can be learnt right from one’s smartphone. Here are a couple of apps that make education fun:

Technology Apps for Kids Education


technology apps for kidsColor and Draw for Kids is available for both the iOS and the Android platforms. If your kids have run out of place to draw and colour, here is a smart way for you to save paper and space by using this app. It has theme packs of different pictures of animals, dinosaurs, fairies etc. in the background for your kids to colour and draw.

Platform: Android, iOS

2.  Maily

technology apps for kidsSetup your child’s first email through this smart app for the iPad! It’s a nice way for your children to create messages and digital drawings. Decent parenting tools ensure that it’s a safe beginning for them to send emails and messages.

Platform: iOS

3. Read Me Stories

technology apps for kidsRead Me Stories is a great way for your tiny one to listen to some great stories. Though this app is not free, there are some sample stories for you to try before buying the full stories. These different books are arranged according to the theme and you can expand the storyline by touching a character.

Platform: Android, iOS

4. Alpha Writer

technology apps for kidsThis is an amazing app which is available on the App store for your son or daughter. It  teaches them to read and write. It also helps them to phonetically spell word compositions while creating stories. This app offers more than a hundred illustrations from 3 writers.

Platform: iOS

5. Free Books

technology apps for kidsThough this is a paid app, it is a worthwhile investment for your child. You have access to about 23000 books! This app is perfect for your kid, if he/she loves to read and this is also available on the App Store. This app may delight you too, not just your kids!

Platform: iOS

6. Times Tables

technology apps for kidsThis app available on the App Store, is a great way to have your child improve his multiplication. It includes time challenges, High scores, multiplayer challenges and even has multiple levels.  You can also keep a check on the progress of your child to see where they may have a problem in.

Platform: iOS

7. Magic Piano

technology apps for kidsThis is a great app which is available on both the iOS and android. It is for children who love music. The app is a small virtual piano that changes into different magical shapes. It also teaches kids to play different songs from classic hits to pop.

Platform: Android, iOS

8. Project Noah

technology apps for kidsProject Noah allows your little geographical explorer to venture outside the house, discover new things and get info on them. All they have to do is click a picture of an unidentified species of plant and animal. The Noah community will provide your kid with the name and some interesting facts about the species!

Platform: Android, iOS

9. Fish School

technology apps for kidsThis is an amazing app to teach your toddler letters, numbers, shapes, colours and more, by a school of fish that takes these different learning forms. Children get a free play option with the fish once they have mastered any subject. It’s a cute and visual pleasing app that you might even try it yourself

Platform:  iOS

10. The Elementals

technology apps for kidsThis app teaches your future scientists about the different elements in the periodic table. Each element has their own unique personalities helping your children in remembering them. It shows the atomic weight and gives the number  electrons and protons present in every element.

Platform: iOS

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