How to Set Up Google Analytics on Blogger

Set Up Google Analytics on BloggerGoogle Analytics is a Free online tool by Google, which can be used to track your website statistics. It is a very useful tool for webmasters and provides detailed report about site traffic and visits. Google Analytics can be used to Improve sites performance as with it you can view you most visited pages, posts and things people are looking for on your website. You can use the data in writhing posts which are in demand. With Google Analytics you can track your blogs Pageviews, Unique Visitors, Bounce Rate, Time spent by visitors on site etc. You can view Daily, Monthly, Custom Reports about your site statistics etc. Google Analytics is a very helpful tool and I recommend all bloggers to make use of it in Improving their blog.

Today I'll be teaching you How to Setup Google Analytics on your Blogger Blog. To make the guide easy, I've divided the Tutorial into three parts and also added screenshots wherever required. 

How to Set Up Google Analytics on Blogger

1. Setting Up Analytics

If you already have a Google account then you can straight away Login to Analytics, If you don't have an account then create one before proceeding. Once you've logged in, You'll be taken to your Analytics Dashboard. Now follow the steps given below:

Step 1: In your Dashboard, Go to Admin panel and click on New Account.

Step 2: Click on Website tab and enter your website details in the given area. 

Set Up Google Analytics on Blogger

Step 3: Add an Account Name and Click on Get Tracking ID
Set Up Google Analytics on Blogger

Step 4: Now you'll be given a Tracking ID and a Tracking Code. On this page you can also setup some other options like different id's for sub-domain etc. 

Set Up Google Analytics on Blogger

Copy the Tracking code and Tracking ID code (ex. UA-12345678-1) and paste it to notepad. Now lets add it to blogger.

2. Adding Tracking ID to Blogger

Now that you have your tracking id, The next step is to Install it on your blog, so that analytics can gather your traffic data.

Step 1: From Blogger Dashboard, Go to Settings > Other

Step 2: Now scroll down to Google Analytics.

Step 3: Add your Analytics Web Property (Tracking ID), It is something like this (UA-12345678-1)

Set Up Google Analytics on Blogger

Step 4: Save Settings.

3. Adding Tracking Code to Blogger Template

Now that you've added the Tracking ID, Next we need to add the Tracking code inside the Blogger Template.

Step 1: Go to Template > Edit HTML 

Step 2: Search for </body>

Step 3: Add the tracking code just above the </body> tag.

Set Up Google Analytics on Blogger

Step 4: Save Template

Congratulations!!! You've successfully Installed Google Analytics on your Blogger Blog, Now wait 24 hours for your blog statistics to appear on Analytics dashboard. I hope this tutorial was helpful, Please leave comments below if you are having any problem.

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