Remove Blog Name from Post Titles in Search Results on Blogger

By Default Google shows Blog Name next to Post Titles in Search Results but to improve SEO and rankings, Mostly Bloggers remove their blog name from search results, You must have noticed that many pro bloggers blog in Search Results does not have the name of blog in Post Title. This is a great way to boost search engine rankings as you get more space to add your keywords which helps you rank better.

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How it Looks Like?

In below Image you can see Search Results of two top blogs as compared to mine. ( and

remove blog name from post titles in search results

As from the above Image you can see that both ShoutMeLoud and AllBloggingTips have removed their blog title from Search Results and You can also see How Blog Name interrupts in search results of my blog. For WordPress users it is very easy as they can use plugins but for Blogger users they have to do it manually.

How to Remove Blog Name from Post Titles on Blogger

So If you wish to improve your search engine rankings then you must remove blog name from post titles. Today I'll teach you How can you do it manually on Blogger Platform.

Step 1: Log in to Your Blogger Account. Go to Template > Edit HTML (I always recommend to Back up your template first)

Step 2: Search for this code using CTRL+F 
Step 3: Now Replace that code with the below code.
<b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;’>
Step 4: Save Template

Congratulations!!! You've successfully removed Blog Name from Post Titles. You won't be able to see changes immediately, You have to wait for Google to crawl your site. Check back after 24-48 hours.


Recently I applied this code to my blog and within 24 hours the Blog Name was gone from the Search Results. Below is a Before and After screenshot of a post from my blog as seen in google results.

remove blog name from post titles in search results

So from the above image you can see that the Blog Name which used to be next to the Post Title is not present now. This proves that the above code works.

Final Words

So if you try this method on your blog then you'll surely see improvements in search engine rankings. I recommend doing some keyword research before writing blog post titles and place properly for good results. Also make sure that you don't write long titles, Ideally it should be of 65 to 70 characters (including Spaces)

I hope this article was helpful and if you have any queries about this guide then feel free to leave a comment below and I'll get back to you soon.

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