10 Reasons Why iPhone Sucks!

Reasons Why iPhone SucksApple iPhone's are one of the Top selling smartphones with millions of users worldwide. The Popularity of iPhone's is growing year by year and more users are switching to it But is iPhone really worth? Well we can't say that, It actually depends on the user and his requirements. I mean a Heavy user will find iPhone 'a piece of crap' as it has many limitations Hardware wise (as compared to other smartphones with same price tag), On the other hand it can be a boon for users who just use smartphone for Music, Movies, Browsing etc. So it actually depends on your needs; If Hardware, Features, Customizations means a lot for you then Simply go for Android, iPhone is not made for you.

Today I'm going to List Reasons Why iPhone Sucks. I was an iPhone user for around 3 Years and Previously I've owned iPhone 2G, 3GS, 4 and 4S, So this proves that I have enough knowledge, required to write an Article like this. So enough talking, Lets begin.

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Some Reasons Why iPhone Sucks... Big Time!!!

1. No Customization

If Customization matters to you then forget iPhone. Apple has kept iPhone plain and boring with no home screen widgets etc. All you have is an Home screen with icons of apps installed, That's All. You can't customize it until you're jailbreaked and even after jailbreaking, customization options are limited. For those who jailbreak their iPhone can survive as after jailbreaking they can enable many features which are not available on actual device.

2. Same Look

Since the First iPhone (2007) there are no big changes to the iOS. It still looks the same as it did on the older devices. Same Home screen with app icons, Almost similar layout, Similar theme, Similar look. This makes iPhone boring, At least for those who've used different iPhone models. 

Suppose you are using iPhone 4 and then you switch to iPhone 5. You've paid a huge amount to get iPhone 5 but still most the OS looks same. This spoils the fun of owning a new device as you're using the same thing again. This happened to me!

3. You're Stuck with iTunes

 The biggest con of having an iPhone is that you're stuck with iTunes. This means you cannot sync music, photos, videos, apps etc without using iTunes (iTunes is a software by apple which is required to sync files on iDevices). This is very annoying as every time you'll have to connect your iPhone to a computer in order to sync your stuff (There is also something called wireless syncing, but it is also not that good). So What will you do if you don't have a Computer around? You can't even add files using mass storage mode because iPhone don't have one ;)

Another bad thing about iTunes is that you can't sync two different iDevices using one computer, or else all your previous stuff will be removed. Yes, If you sync your iPhone with some another computer then iTunes will remove all your previous stuff and you'll end up having only new synced files. 

4. No Mass Storage

Mass Storage mode transfers your device into a portable storage unit. You can store all kinds of files just like you do on USB pen drive or portable hard drive. This is an amazing thing as you can just copy paste songs, apps, videos, photos, documents, other files etc. This helps you get the most out of the device storage but Sorry, Apple doesn't like this and there is No Mass Storage mode on iPhone, This makes you an iTunes Slave.

5. No Bluetooth File Share

What the Hell!?! A $600 smart phone can't even share files via Bluetooth. Apple has set limitations for iPhone bluetooth and it can only be used with Wireless Headset (Headphones), Car bluetooth etc. You can't share files with it as you do on other devices.

However there is a way to enable Bluetooth file share on iPhone and it can only be don if your iPhone is jailbreaked. Just download and install any of the apps off Cydia store; iBluetooth, iBlueNova, AirBlue.

6. No Replaceable Battery

iPhones have inbuilt battery and it can't be removed by the user. This is not good for heavy users / Gamers as they will run out of battery soon. With removable battery you can install another battery when first one runs out, So there is no shortage of power. You can keep a spare battery with you and whenever the first one runs out, Spare battery is to the Rescue. This helps when traveling.

7. No NFC

NFC or Near Field Communication is a New Technology which lets you share music, photos, files etc just by tapping two devices on each other and Boom!!! Sharing complete. This is an amazing new way of transferring files and it can also be used for paying bills with your Debit/Credit card, Just tap and Done. Unfortunately iPhone lacks this great feature.

8. Apple Maps

Seriously? Do I have to tell you that Apple Maps Suck? Well, Everyone knows that, Apple's new Navigation app 'Apple Maps' is just crap and doesn't stand a chance in front of Google Maps. I know this cannot be considered as a Con, as you can still download Google Maps from the App Store but still I think its worth mentioning.

9. Most of the Apps are Paid

Every one can't afford buying each and every app again and again, When the same app is Free on other platforms. Yes I've seen many apps which are Paid for iOS and Free on Android (Example: What's App), This forces people to Jailbreak their device and Jailbreaking can be risky if not executed properly, Improper Jailbreaking can help you transform your device to an Expensive Paper-Weight! Just kidding ;)

10. Very Expensive

Even after having so many cons, Apple iPhone is still one of the Most Expensive smartphones available in market. In india the 16 GB variant of iPhone 5 costs around Rs.44,500 which is approximately $800 USD, So it is pretty much expensive and not every one can afford owning an iPhone. There is no point is spending such big price for a phone which lacks so many features and You can still find some better and cheaper Smartphones which will truly satisfy your Tech hunger. 

Final Words

So these are some Reasons why I don't like iPhone, I mean I like iPhone but I hate the above things. This made me switch to Android (Samsung Galaxy S3) because S3 is cheaper than iPhone, Still having tons of features, So Why buy iPhone when you are getting better smartphones in cheaper prices? This is my thinking, Yours might be different. I still like iPhone and I would love to switch back to iPhone in future, If Apple comes up with better device.

After reading the above points, You might think of switching from iPhone to Some other, Below are some of the Best Alternatives of iPhone currently available in market. If you don't know what to do with your old iPhone you might like to read Things You can do with your Old iPhone After Upgrading.

Some Alternatives to iPhone 5

Most of the above listed devices are much cheaper than iPhone. So if you are planning to buy an iPhone then do take a look at the above devices before making final decision. Good Luck!
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