How to Claim a Website or Blog on Alexa

claim a website on alexaAlexa is an online service which ranks websites according to their traffic and popularity. The lower the alexa rank, the better its traffic and ranking, So if you are a webmaster or blogger and want you site to get exposure then it is really important that you have a good alexa rank. There are many benefits of having low alexa ranking but achieving a low alexa rank is a tough job. Previously I wrote an article listing 10 Killer Tips for Improving Alexa Rank of a Website and one of the tip was 'Claiming Your Website at Alexa'

Claiming a website is very important but often ignored. I'm not saying that Claiming your website will drastically drop your alexa rank but it will help in improving it, Ranks of Claimed websites are updated faster as compared to unclaimed websites. So if you want to achieve a decent alexa rank then your first step should be Claiming your website. Today I'll teach you How to claim your website at Alexa.

How to Claim a Website or Blog on Alexa

To Claim your website just follow the steps given below. I tried to make this Tutorial as simple as I could and for your help I've also added screenshots wherever required.

Claiming Website

Step 1: Go to and Search for your Website by entering your website url.
Claim a Website or Blog on Alexa

Step 2: After searching your website, Click on Get Details button.

Step 3: Now on Right hand side, Click on Claim Your Site link.
Claim a Website or Blog on Alexa

Step 4: Next you'll be taken to another page, There you'll have to enter your site url and then hit Claim Your Site.
Claim a Website or Blog on Alexa
Step 5: You'll be prompted to 'Plans & Pricing' Page. There click on Intro package (Free Package)
Claim a Website or Blog on Alexa
Step 6: Now for next step you'll have to login to your Alexa account, If you already have one then simple login to your account and if you don't have an alexa account then you can create one for free. You can also login with Facebook.
Claim a Website or Blog on Alexa

Verifying Website Ownership

Step 7: Once you've logged in, Alexa will ask you to verify ownership of website and for that you have two options.
Option 1: Uploading a file to Root directory of the website.
Option 2: Adding a Code inside <head> section of website.
I prefer Option 2 but you can choose whatever you want. For this guide I'm choosing Option 2. 
Step 8: If you've choosen Option 2 then Copy the Verification ID and add it anywhere after <head> section.
Claim a Website or Blog on Alexa

Step 9: After adding the verification ID, Click on Verify My ID button. After few seconds Alexa will show a success message.
Claim a Website or Blog on Alexa

Step 10: Now You'll be taken to a Page where you'll have to enter website & owner details. Enter all the required details and hit Save & Continue
Step 11: Done!!! Now you'll get a Success Message saying that you've claimed your website. 
Claim a Website or Blog on Alexa
Next you'll be taken to your Dashboard where you can access other options.

So I hope this Tutorial was helpful, Please let me know your views by leaving comments below. If you are having any problems claiming site then don't hesitate in contacting us.

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