Google Nexus 10 VS Apple iPad : Why Choose Nexus 10 over iPad?

The hot commodity in the tech world right now is definitely tablet computers. Apple's iPad pioneered this category with its launch several years ago, but since that time every other major operating system has made a foray into the tablet market. As smartphones have become increasingly popular, they have approached market saturation. Now tech companies are racing to get their tablets into the hands of consumers, and there is lot of growth in this market as a result.

google nexus 10 vs apple ipad

The Competition

Despite Microsoft's attempt at a tablet operating system with Windows 8, Apple's iOS and Google's Android remain the dominant players in the market. Apple's iOS is only available on the iPad. Though they offer several different models, including the iPad mini, most iPads are fairly similar. Android, on the other hand, is run on tablets produced by a variety of manufacturers. At the top of the line are the Nexus products, where Google works closely with the manufacturers to design tablets they specifically approve of. The Nexus line of products are specifically designed to run Android very well. They also get updates very quickly, while some manufacturers leave their hardware on older versions of Android for a while.

Which is Better?

So which one is better? Both are the top of the line within their own respective categories. The iPad costs a little more for similar hardware, so the budget conscious user might prefer the Nexus 10. Apple's iPad boosts their highly-touted Retina display. While Google hasn't focused on the Nexus's screen as a major advantage, it actually has a higher resolution per inch and overall than the iPad.

google nexus 10 vs apple ipad

Perhaps the biggest difference between the two is the software. Apple's iOS has had a bit more time than their competitors to build up a large repository of apps. Although most major apps are available cross-platform, iOS still has a few apps that Android doesn't yet have. That being said, Android also has apps that aren't available on iOS for various reasons. 

google nexus 10 vs apple ipad

If you don't yet have a mobile computing device, then you might not know which apps you do or don't want. For people who are looking for specific functionality in their tablets, however, the choice of operating systems can be very important. Also, some users just find it more convenient to stick to something they're comfortable with, so iPhone or Apple computer users might find it more convenient to buy an iPad, and people with an Android phone might want to get a Nexus 10.


Google's Android platform is a more open system for app developers, which encourages creativity and innovation. This is perhaps the biggest single advantage of the Android platform. 

Apple is known for their beautiful hardware design and easy to use products. While this still holds true for the iPad, the Android platform has caught up so much that Apple's iPad doesn't offer as much of an advantage as it used to. With the Nexus being slightly cheaper and not really having any disadvantages, why not choose it? The Nexus 10 and iPad are both great products, but the Nexus 10 has a slight lead.

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