6 Fun Keyboard Apps for Android Devices

Fun Keyboard Apps for Android DevicesAndroid has a lot of options to offer to its users, There are thousands of apps which can help improve the user experience, What you have to do is choose the right one for your needs. Today in this article we will be talking about keyboard apps. Keyboard is a really important part of a phone, Especially for the today's generation who are more towards chatting, web browsing etc and virtual keyboards on Touch screen phones are sometimes very annoying. Today I'll list some of the Best Keyboard Apps from Android devices which will make typing fun and accurate at the same time.

These keyboard apps will make chatting fun and easy, The outputs will be more accurate and you'll surely enjoy using your keyboard. Some of the keyboards have different input methods like swiping etc. So lets go for it

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6 Fun Keyboard Apps for Android Devices

1. Swiftkey 3

Swiftkey is considered the Best keyboard for android devices. Though it is a paid app but it is definitely worth it. I use swiftkey all the time and I really love it. The best things about swiftkey is; You can change the Theme, It has a very accurate Auto correct system, Many languages to choose from (Hinglish option is also available for Indian users), Swiftkey can learn your typing style just by scanning your messages, facebook, twitter, RSS etc. This helps improving typing accuracy. 

So Swiftkey is a perfect keyboard for those who require a full functioning QWERTY keyboard with lots of options then I'll recommend you Swiftkey. Below is a video showing off Swiftkey skills.

So I think after watching the above video, You'll be impressed by now. So what are you waiting for? Just go for it.

2. Swype

Swype is a very popular Input method and It comes for many different platforms. Swype helps increasing typing speed with accuracy, What you have to do is just swipe a path between the letters to input, Well I'm enable to explain but I can say using swype is fun, fast and accurate. Just take a look at the below video to see Swype in action, I'm sure the video will explain what words can't.

If you are using Samsung devices then you'll find it preinstalled onto your device (How to enable Swype input on Samsung Devices). You can download swype from their website for Free.

3. Snapkeys Si

I came across this keyboard yesterday and found it interesting. Snapkeys Si is an Android keyboard (Right now in Beta) which helps you input text without covering the screen. Yes it consists of 4 square buttons with different letters for input, What you have to do is try different gestures to input. Well, I don't know much about this keyboard app as I encountered it yesterday but I can say it is very interesting. So take a look at the below video to know more about Snapkeys Si.

4. Go Keyboard

If you are looking for a fully customizable keyboard app then Go Keyboard is the best. It offers lots of customization options and supports many languages. It also supports Emoji and is best for people who hate the tradational stock keyboard.

5. Thumb Keyboard

If you like typing in landscape mode then thumb keyboard is a perfect app for you. With this keyboard, You can split the interface which helps typing with thumbs easier. It is also good at customization.

Fun Keyboard Apps for Android Devices

As from the above image you can see the keyboard layout, This helps improve typing when in landscape mode.

6. 8pen

8pen is a great new way to input text, Unlike other keyboards, With 8pen you can input text by just writing (The way you write with a pen). I've never tried this keyboard but have heard much of it. 

On First look, 8pen keyboard looks interesting and innovative. I'm sure you are impressed with its capabilities. Just give it a try.

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I hope this post was helpful and I'm sure you'll love these keyboard apps. Some of them are paid while some of them are free, For paid ones I can say that they are really worth the money you spend on them but still before buying it is good to read online reviews. Thanks for reading this post and please leave your views below.

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