7 Best Task Management Apps for Android

Facing Difficulty In Managing Tasks? Here are 7 Best Task Management Apps for Android devices which you can download. 

In today’s busy life, we missed some important task that creates trouble at the last-moment. So, for those busy people, it is must to install some easy task management applications in their Android phone that arranges your professional and personal schedule excellently. With an increase in technology, our tensions are gone grabbed by various applications. Till now, number of to-do list application or we can say, easy task management applications are available at Google Play. Here, we are going to provide you some amazing applications that manage your task accurately. 

Best Task Management Apps for Android

1. Google Tasks Organizer: Manage Tasks Across Google Accounts

best task management apps for androidGoogle Tasks Organizer is one of my favorite applications that Sync your list from Google Apps accounts and Gmail with single app. Using this application, user can easily sort their task through custom order, name, date, etc. Even, reminders also can be set for some time-sensitive tasks. Some best features are it incorporates with executive Assistant app & widget, free from ads, etc.

2. Tasks n Todos

best task management apps for androidTasks n Todos application allows users to rearrange lists with its drag and drop option. It also comes up with backup function through which you can easily save your all task in your SD card. This application also has facility of voice input that can be easily accessible from the bottom of the tasks screen. Even, user can able to upload picture and maps in his/her task through this application. 

3. Astrid

best task management apps for androidAstrid is known for its much cleaner web interface. This application is popular among millions of people as it serves an excellent organization of personal and professional task. This application is mostly used by people to make list of errands, groceries or to watch, read or visit list. Installing this application in your phone organizes your life with widgets, lists, subtask and interesting reminders. Even, users are free to arrange their task with routine syncing in their tablet, phone and Astrid.com.

4. Trello: Create Boards to Share With Your Team

best task management apps for android
Trello app is best to arrange or organize simple to most difficult task with just few steps. The best thing about this application is you can able to share this to-do task list with your teams, so they can comment or post task to the board. Whether you want to arrange personal tasks or professional, you can create by using a system of boards.  

5. Business Calendar

best task management apps for androidBusiness Calendar is another application that I like the most because of its some interesting features like adjustable calendar views. Now, user can easily see their monthly task or weekly task by just swiping your figure on particular week. This application also allows you to increase number of days in weeks by using slider, which is available in the bottom. Even, you can see synced calendar at the bottom of your phone. No doubt, free version offers you amazing functionality, but in paid version, you can enjoy drag and drop appointment changes and widget options as well. 

6. Any.DO: Create To-Do Lists on the Fly

best task management apps for androidAny.DO app is one of the excellent apps that allow creating trouble-free to-do lists on the fly. Person can easily manage different types of tasks folder-wise. Even, users can separate their professional and personal task. The best thing about this app is its home screen widget that reminds you about your upcoming task while you are switching ON your cell phone.    

7. Task List: Tap to Prioritize, Swipe to Remove

best task management apps for androidGetting confused between your Google accounts and products? Here, I have Task List: Tap to Prioritize, Swipe to Remove application for you that tracks your daily task from various Gmail accounts and store it at one place. Without disturbing your daily work, you can sort out other work in many different ways and arrange your tasks according to priority. 

That’s all. It is fair to say like this? No. As there are many easy task management applications are launching at very new dawn. So, explore internet and find some amazing applications for arranging your to-do task.
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