5 Best Smartphones to Look Out for in 2013

From games consoles to all in one PC’s, there is loads going off in the Technology World this year. Mobile phones are not left out either, with some great fresh technology ready to hit the shelves. With that many great models already out, we look into the new handsets being released and what makes them stand out from the crowd.

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Best Smartphones to Look Out for in 2013

1. HTC One (HTC M7)

Launched on February 19th in both London and New York, the new M7 from HTC is a worthy opponent to the other big dogs in the Smartphone game. Having lagged behind in recent years, it really was a case of catch up or get left behind, and HTC have certainly taken a last minute sprint with this device.

best smartphones to look out 2013

Their new flagship model is sleek, packed with features and doesn’t fall short at any hurdles. With it’s 4.7” HD screen the display on this phone is wonderful. Not to mention, this model will only come in 32GB or 64GB models, hinting at the sheer power it offers. HTC is definitely fast approaching Samsung as an Android champion and we expect to see more big things in the near future.

2. Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung are constantly on the ball when it comes to creating, improving and distributing their handsets. Leaving little time since the S3, the S4 is still proving to be one of the most hotly anticipated phones available in 2013. Know becoming known as the King of the Smartphone, Samsung never fail to let customers down. With Android Jelly Bean to add to the mix, this phone will undoubtedly be fast, brilliantly simplistic but packed with features.

best smartphones to look out 2013

With rumors flying around, it is implied the handset will be released sometime around the Unpacked even in New York, which is on March 14th. Samsung have commented saying this isn’t guaranteed, but many techies think it’s a cover up to continue the Samsung hype.

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3. Nokia Lumia 940

Revamped, this Windows Phone looks set to impress, and we’re hoping to see some great developments from Nokia. Always one to produce performance driven handsets, this phone also looks set to provide great visual appeal.

With a 5mp standard camera with flash, full Office suit and many other features packed in standard, the Lumia's hardware offers a good rival to the iPhone in terms of what’s on offer. This could work in their favor, or perhaps make people see it as a slightly tackier version of the Apple giant.

Design wise, they’ve gone all in attempt to make this phone look better than any previous models. Notorious for bad choices in design, but great moves in functionality, we are hoping Nokia finally cuts the balance with the Lumia. App wise, the Windows Store falls short, at the moment. With the potential to boom, we are going to take this as a ‘Work In Progress’ and look forward to seeing what is to become available for anyone taking the plunge in buying a Windows Phone.

4. HTC Silver

HTC was the brand on everyone's lips a few years back, with it overtaking many of the big boys due to their handsets innovation and ‘fresh’ designs. Sadly, their reign slowly came to a halt and HTC are now dwindling at the bottom of the Smart Phone pecking order.

We’re happy to say, judging on this new staple handset that they will be able to claw their way back up the smartphone hierarchy.

The Legend (it’s other name), is beautifully designed and with Android 2.3, boasts a brilliant system. It seems HTC took it all the way back to the drawing board with this model, packing in features people actually want. Camera flash, AMOLED touch screen and more RAM included naming a few.

5. Apple iPhone 5S

After the release of iPhone 5, Now eyes are set on the next generation iPhone. Yes the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6, Whatever the name is but its gonna be big. According to the Past events, It is known that Apple usually launches a new iPhone in the period of September-November and This time also according to the rumors the new iPhone will roll out in late 2013. 

After Apple revealed iPhone 5 last year, People were very disappointed because of not much change in iOS, iPhone features, Same old 8MP Camera etc. But this time it is been said that the new iPhone will be packing amazing features enough to shake the Smartphone market. 

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