Benefits of Having Alexa Ranking below 100k

benefits alexa ranking below 100kAlexa Ranking is a very important factor for webmasters, It measures a sites popularity and gives Traffic ranking of that site globally. The lower your websites Alexa Rank, the better is your sites performance. So if you want to get success in your blogging then you must also focus on improving your alexa rank. Previously I wrote an article which included 10 Killer Tips for Improving Alexa Ranking, So if you are looking for tips which can help you attain a decent Alexa Ranking then you must take a look at the article.

In Today's Post we are going to talk about What are the Benefits of Having Alexa Ranking below 100k (100,000). Before I begin with the article I would like to announce that Today Finally's Alexa Ranking is below 100k and I'm writing this article in the occasion of my new achievement. 

What is the Importance of Alexa Ranking

Not all websites have the power to achieve this rank as it requires high traffic and Pageviews from people using Alexa Toolbar etc. So if your ranking is not improving a lot then don't get disappointed because the main thing for a website should be its Page Rank, Traffic and afterwards Alexa Ranking. Alexa Ranking is good for attracting Advertisers but otherwise Traffic and Page Rank are more important then Alexa.

Whenever I Interview Top Bloggers, I always ask them a question 'What is the Importance of Alexa Rank in their Blogging Life?' and I get similar answers all the time. Here is a quote from Ammar Ali's Interview at Area 51 Blog.
Ammar Ali ( - "I never worried about alexa rank. Its important for attracting advertisers. However, I focused more on increasing loyal readers."
Now Lets see what Paul Crowe has to say about Alexa. A quote from Paul's Interview with Area 51 Blog.
Paul Crowe ( - "It is important indicator but I think some people pay too much attention to them.You need to remember Alexa collect their information only from people using their toolbar.So you could have huge page view count but if they do not have the Alexa tool bar installed they wont be counted."
So now you know what experts think about Alexa ranking, this would have cleared your worries. Next lets see what are the actual benefirs of having alexa ranking below 100,000.

Benefits of Having Alexa Ranking Below 100k

1. Indicates Websites Popularity

Alexa Ranking below 100k means that your site is ranked in Top 100,000 most popular websites out of 500 Million online websites. So isn't it good? The lower your alexa rank, the better is your site performance. So if your Alexa rank is below 100k, You are Popular ;)

2. Helps Attract Advertisers

Advertisers consider Alexa rank of a website before buying ad spots. So if you want to attract advertisers, then you must work to improve your Alexa. Once you have an alexa rank below 100k then you'll start receiving offers for advertising. You can also apply for a BuySellAds and start earning.

3. Gets You More Guest Posts

It is obvious, nobody wants to Guest Post on a blog with low rank. Many Guest writers consider alexa rank before sending their article, So if you want tons of guest posts then it is important that your blog should be having low alexa rank.

4. Feels Good & Motivates You

No matter if you care about Alexa rank or not, Having a low Alexa rank feels really good and I'm saying this after achieving 100k and believe me I'm really motivated and want it to improve further. 

5. It's a Great Achievement

There are approximately 500 Million Websites on the Internet and Ranking in Top 100,000 (0.10 Million) websites is a big achievement. isn't it? This means you've tackled 499.9 Million Sites to be in Top 100k. 


So by reading the above points you'll be aware of the benefits of having a low alexa rank. I hope this article motivates you and helps you know the Importance of Alexa. Meanwhile I'm celebrating my achievement and I hope you guys will get to taste this achievement soon.


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