7 Reasons Why Android is Better than iOS

Since the release of the first Android Smartphone there has been a battle between the iOS and the Android. Many people will swear up and down that nothing could ever top the iOS, but this article was made in order to prove those people wrong. Today I'm going to list 7 reasons why Android is better than iOS devices.

Reasons Why Android is better than iOS

Actually It depends upon the user and his needs, For users who are very much into gaming and high-tech features, Android is the best they can get as Android devices are known to have high processors, RAM, powerful graphics etc. which definitely improves gaming experience as compared to iOS devices which has limited hardware. For users who don't care much about features, gaming and are looking for a decent but smart phone with too much money to waste :P (just kidding) then iPhone is a good choice. Here are some reasons why Android is better than iOS.

1. Large Selection of Devices

The nice thing about purchasing an Android is that you have a large selection of from which you can choose. You do not have to simply purchase the iPhone, iPad, or iTouch. There are top brands like Motorola & Samsung that create both Smartphones and Tablets with the Android platform. You do not have to simply deal with the features you do not care for, but are able to track down a device that works for your lifestyle. 

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2. Less Expensive

There are quite a few products that challenge the price of the iOS devices, but that does not mean that you have to spend it. Since you have a larger selection there is more competition, so the higher-end devices tend to be a little bit cheaper, and some of the lower-end devices you can pick up for next to nothing. Just because you want to enjoy a few features of the Android device does not mean that you have to break the bank.  

3. Can be Customized

Apple is not a fan of allowing their customers to customize their gadgets. Apple prefers to hold the reins when it comes to their devices. Android allows you to personally customize a great deal of your phone including the style keyboard, wallpaper, and app settings. Live wallpaper does not currently exist for the iOS, and it may seem like a small reason to learn toward the Android devices but all those small things add up.

4. Google Friendly

It is true that the iOS has tried to integrate the Google Maps into their GPS system in order to help build a better app. unfortunately, it was nowhere near the quality that you receive on an Android device. The Android is connected with Google, so it is extremely Google friendly which is extremely helpful when using your Google maps, email, or simply searching Google.

5. Better GPS Functionality

Speaking of the GPS it is a great feature on the Android devices. Unfortunately, the iOS has never been able to touch the ease of the GPS on the Android device. You have great maps, turn by turn directions, and even images that will appear once you have reached your destination. The GPS easily re-routes your directions should you miss a turn, and even provides traffic information on upcoming roads that you will be traveling.

6. Many Apps & Games are Free

There is one thing that we can all be certain of and that is the Apple knows it has a strong following and capitalizes on it. Android offers a lot of great features such as programs, games and other apps to their customers. You may not have Siri, but you have a long list of free virtual assistants that can be downloaded for use on your Android device. You have quite a few games, and some games that come available and Android before they are ever available on the iOS.

7. Better Plans

The iOS is not offered at every service provider. This means that you are extremely limited to the type of plan that you can get. Androids are offered with almost ever service plan available which makes it a lot easier to find a cheaper plan.

There is a lot of stigma that follows around the Android devices, but with the Galaxy SIII outranking the iPhone5 upon release it is pretty apparent that Android is no longer taking a backseat to the iOS devices.I hope this article was helpful and you enjoyed reading it. Please let us know in comments whether Android is better than iOS or not.

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