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Hello Guys, First of all let me thank you for giving us all your love and support, Without your support This site would have not been What it is today. So Thank you very much and keep giving us your support and we will continue to update you with fresh and high quality content.

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A Message from Jim Luthra

Today I'm writing this post because I wan't to share something with my visitors. 
"For those who don't know, I'm Jimmie Luthra (also known as Jim). I'm a Deck Cadet in Merchant Navy and currently studying for Officer Rank. Soon I'm going to join My First Ship and I'll have to leave my country and stay on board for more than an year. During this Phase I have lot to study and I'll be very busy on board the ship. So I won't be able to Update this blog like I used to do, At Ship I won't get enough time for blogging and probably there will be No Internet connection. So I won't be able to post new articles."
I Hope you guys will understand, after all Merchant Navy is my career and obviously it will be my first preference. 

New Admin and Co-Author

I've worked really hard on this blog and I don't want it to get waste, So I'm appointing a New Admin and Co-Author, Who will make sure that this blog continues running like it used to. The New Author has his expertise in Technology, Gadgets, iPhone's, Smartphones etc. So he will be perfect for this blog. The New Author is none other than My Brother "Georgy Luthra"

In my Absence, The New Author will keep Posting New and High Quality Articles and will continue to update you. I'll try to post articles whenever possible but I couldn't then Georgy will Take care of it.

Thank You Guys for Reading it!

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jim luthra jimmie jamshed About Author
Jimmie Luthra is founder of He is a Cadet in Merchant Navy and a Part time Blogger. He is 20 and lives in Mumbai. You can Follow him on Twitter, Facebook and Google+

About Jimmie Luthra

Jimmie Luthra is a Mariner, Tech enthusiast, Blogger and Gadget reviewer. He is fond of technology and is usually found playing with some piece of tech. He is also a Guitarist, Music lover & fitness freak.
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