12 Things to Keep in Mind When using SEOClerks

things to keep in mind when using seoclerksMany of you must not be aware of SEO Clerks, Let me explain. SEO Clerks is an online service where you can buy SEO services at low prices for your blog. So it means you can buy affordable services for your blog easily, All you need is a free SEOClercks account. At SEO Clerks you can buy services starting from $1 and the most expensive ones will be around $60, So isn't it affordable. You can use PayPal or Payza for payment.

So If you are thinking to try SEOClerks then there are a few thing to keep in mind before buying any service. Today I'm going to list 12 Things which you should keep in mind before buying SEOClerks Services.

12 Things to Keep in Mind When Using SEOClerks

1. Think before buying a Service

Do you really need it? Is that service worth the price you are paying? You need to ask these questions to yourself. There is no point in buying services which are not that useful for you, You need to think twice before ordering any service and only buy if you really need it.

2. Browse for Cheaper Deals

Never buy deals in hurry, You may get a cheaper and better deal if you take time browsing SEOClerks Market place. This will help you save some bucks on good deals.

3. Go for Guaranteed Service

If you've visited SEOClerks before then you must have seen services marked with 'Guaranteed'. This means that the seller guarantees that he will provide the service as he added or else you'll get your money back with no questions asked. It is always good to go for services marked as 'Guaranteed' because this ensures safety of your money.  

4. Buy from High Level Seller

There are many sellers on SEOClerks who don't provide what they claimed. So if you want a good service then it is better to go for High Level Sellers (at least Level 2). High Level Sellers have high ratings and reputation, Their services are good quality and as claimed.  

5. Check Last Login Date of Seller

Before buying any service, Check the Last Login Date of the seller. Some sellers had not logged in for several days, Buy services from those sellers is not good as it will not get completed and you'll have to cancel order and then you'll have to wait for 2 Days for your money to get back in your account.

6. Read Reviews before Buying

Before buying any service It is always good that you read reviews and comments on that service. This helps you know whether the service is good or scam.

7. Contact Seller if having Doubt

While buying service if you have any doubt then I will not recommend you to go for it. First Contact the seller and clear all your doubts before hitting Order button. 

8. Never Buy Bulk Back Links

You must have services like 'I will give your 500 Back links' or 'I will give you 1000 back links' blah blah... Those services definitely sound good but you should never buy them. It does not matter how high the PR is but buying back links in bulk may get your site penalized by google.

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9. Cancel Order if the Delivery is Late

Sometimes you may not get service on time, It is always a good idea to contact seller and ask for reason but if you are not getting any reply then instead of wasting time, You should cancel service by clicking on 'Got Problems' link. It will take 2 days for your money to be back in your account balance.

10. Check Until Satisfied

On receiving a delivery, never complete order in hurry. First check the service and once you are satisfied with it then you can complete order. Take your time when checking and don't hesitate contacting seller if you find any problem.  

11. Leave a Review

Once you are fully satisfied with the service then immediately log in to your SEOClerks account and mark the service as 'Complete' and leave a positive review. Review helps other people know about that service. If you are not satisfied with that service then you can leave a negative review and warn others from getting looted.

12. Take Advantage of Free Money

Yes you heard me right! SEOClerks keeps bringing different ways for earning free money. You can earn $2 for tweeting, upto $20 for writing a blog review or $25 for uploading a SEOClerks review on YouTube. Isn't it Good? For more details visit this page.


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