Top 5 Functional Tips for the iPhone Users

functional tips for iphone usersThe iPhone is one exceptional device. You can look for it in the retail markets online and in the physical retail stores for buying, but you cannot look for its specs in the stores. You have to read online reviews about the features, specs, and the way its features fulfill the requirements of users. Apart from this, you can also look for the functionality tips and tricks for easy use of the device with hidden features. You will not find all of this in any manual of the iPhone 4, but online blogs can help you out with this, some of the tips are as follows:

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Use Headphones button for Taking Photos

functional tips for iphone users
While using the camera, it always happens that you take distorted pictures because your hands vibrates a lot or maybe you cannot hold the phone still enough to take a clear picture. For this, you can attach the headphones to the phone, and its button will act like the camera button. Place the phone on any smooth surface, focus its camera on any abject to be taken the picture of, and you can click the button to take the picture. It will come out clean.

App Switcher

While looking at the screen it always happens that so many apps are opened and you will not be able to close them. There is no way you can close the app you use easily. However, if you tap the home button twice, a menu bar at the end of the desktop screen will appear. 

functional tips for iphone users

Here you will see that there are many app icons. These are the apps opened and you have not closed them. Tap and hold on one of the icons and you will get minus signs in red color on the icons. You can close them all. Then tap the home button again to hide the menu bar.

Music Controls

functional tips for iphone users
Similar can be done if you are busy in any app and do not want to close it, while turning the media player on. Tap the home button twice. You will get this menu bar. Swipe right and you will get hold of the mini media player. This will help you out in playing anything. You can tap the home button again to hide the menu bar.

Save Pictures while Browsing Safari

functional tips for iphone users
While surfing the internet with Safari, you may want to save a picture on the web page that you like. Apparently, there is not one feature that will do something like this, but you do not know much about the hidden features of your phone then. If you tap and hold on the picture for some seconds, you will be able to get a popup menu for the saving of the picture or file in your offline gallery of pictures.

Save Webpage on Homescreen

If you would like to add a webpage to your desktop, it is as simple as it can be. Just tap the go to button while on a webpage. The option to send it to desktop will appear. Check it and you will get the webpage added.

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