Mobile Application Development Requirements : Tools and Backgrounds

Mobile application development is the latest trend to promote business as many users are using mobile device to stay connected to the market. Especially for our business professionals, we have discussed some development platforms, tools and latest trends required for mobile development.

mobile application development

Now, the latest trend of creating mobile application development has emerged in the market to represent your business among the folks. Having mobile application of your business encouraged your business towards profit as the development is designed to run on various mobile devices like Android, iPhone, Blackberry, etc. With business application, one can easily purchase your products/services from their Smartphone without any hassles. Even, in-built app store of your business also helpful for advertising your business.  
In present, we have noted that numerous application developments occurred in the market that should be considered as an alternative source of agencies and shops. As a businessperson, if you also think about to create mobile application for various platform, must say it is one of the best ideas for promoting and expanding your business globally. Wait…Before moving towards mobile application development; it would be profitable for you to gather some information about certain development options. 

Type of Operating Systems for Mobile Development:

mobile application development

Apple iOS

Apple iOS is helpful for developers to create an iPhone app. At iOS Developer Center, developers get a vast assortment of tips, debugging tests, tools and information related to application development. 

Android: Google Inc.'s Android platform is a free software stack that allows application development using JAVA. It is an Open Handset Alliance Project includes middleware, operating system and key application that used in Smartphones. Android also offers free software development kit that includes developer tools, samples, source code and emulators that allow free application testing. 


Windows platform is new to the mobile market, but allows easy user interface. In Windows Phone development program, users can get valuable documentation for application marketing. Additionally, this platform doesn’t reject your developed application.    


BlackBerry platform is one of the popular platforms for developing mobile website, themes, applications and widgets. BlackBerry's App World charges some amount of approval fees for submitting every 10 apps.

After grabbing essential information regarding various platforms, you must be seeking to tools that help to develop mobile application. Although, mentioning all tools are not possible, some of essential one is described below:

Best Tools for Mobile App Development:


MyAppBuilder is the popular tool among the developers for developing both Android and Apple applications. The charge of this tool is just $29 a month. Using MyAppBuilder doesn’t require any technical information, you just have to give essential content to this tool and it will deliver better outcome according to required specification.


Appmakr is a browser-based platform, helpful for developing rich content iPhone applications with few simple steps. Its point and click interface works better in smartphones rather than computer devices. Whether you are using premium version or free version, you don’t need to learn any kind of coding for development.


This easy-to-use Android App helps to develop application for Windows, Android and iOS. Blessed with great flexibility, Mippin has some predefined categories like Sports, Video, Mobile, News, Tech, Celebs, etc. The charge for Mippin is approximate $999 per year.


MobiCart tool is best for converting or managing e-commerce store into an m-commerce app. Links up with PayPal, it allows secure online transaction with great security.


This easy-to-use platform allows person to create news portals, bloggers, sports fan page, etc. without any coding knowledge. Users can purchase basic, advanced, pro and enterprise-level packages from ShoutEm at the basic cost of about $30/month.

Information is limited to tools and platforms, now we are going to discuss about certain key points that mostly adopted by mobile application development team. Firstly, Backend as a service (BaaS) is also better known as MBaaS, which is best for getting backend cloud storage to the web and mobile app developers. It comes with some of the notable features like push notifications, user management and integration with social networking services through SDK and APIs.

Aside to above point, at present the API’s design play an important role by moving according to the most of the software changes. On other side, the temperament of these "integration interfaces" also alters. With this, developers can imagine that the importance of user interface’s design as well as API’s design. There are loads of more trends like Mainframes and legacy applications, etc. taken into consideration while thinking of mobile application development.

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