How to Report Invalid Click Activity to Google AdSense Team

Early morning today when I normally logged in to my AdSense account, I was shocked to see that 'I received 23 Clicks but still my estimated earnings showed $0.01'. This was very horrifying for me and without wasting time, I started Googling the cause and landed to a post on Google Support Forum (Here is that post). The member who added that post also went through same situation like me 'His account showed 20 clicks and still wasn't paid anything', After reading all the replies, I came to know that this could possibly be an Invalid click activity and Google has returned the money to the Advertisers.
This was another shocking news because Google is very ruthless when it comes to banning accounts and I was afraid that Google could possibly ban my account. I take Google TOS seriously and I never click on my ads, I was sure that someone else was doing this but this could possibly ban my account. So in order to protect my AdSense account, I filed a report about the unusual activity on my account. 

What to do if you suspect unusual activity?

If you suspect that someone is clicking your ads then the first you should do is Report it to AdSense team before they find out and ban your account. Even if you notice sudden increase in your clicks and suspect it then just report this activity.

How to Report Invalid Click Activity to Google Adsense

To report any activity related to Invalid clicks you can use the Adsense Contact Support.

  • Go to Invalid Clicks Contact Form.
  • Fill in your details 
  • Enter AdSense Publisher Id carefully (pub-1234567890123456)
  • In the message box, Explain AdSense team about the activity you suspect. 
  • Give them proper details.
  • If you have traffic logs or IP address of the suspect then do send it to them.

Once you've sent your report then just wait, It usually takes around 24 to 72 Hours for the reply from the AdSense team.

  • If you have any other problems related to Adsense then you can browse the topics on AdSense Help Forum.

Google AdSense Ad Serving Disabled

If Google has disabled Ad serving to your AdSense account but your AdSense account is active then you can read my detailed article where I explained How you can make Google re-enable Ad Serving.

So that's all for now, I will update this post as soon as I hear from Google about may case. So I again recommend you to report on seeing any unusual activity because this may prevent your account from getting banned.

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