Things to Check Before Buying a Bluetooth Headset

Headset is probably most common device these days. You can't listen to music on your iPod, MP3 or some other player without them. You can connect them with your PC, PS3, laptop, even your smartphone. These little gadgets changed the world completey and made our life easier. 

guide for buying a bluetooth headset

Today you have different kinds of headsets, stereo and mono, connected with cable or Bluetooth, headsets for communicating over the phone or even for gaming, with microphone or without one. If you are supporter of communicating with free hands, using Bluetooth headset, we have something for you. Here are few tips which can help you find a suitable Bluetooth headset for your needs.

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Bluetooth Headset Buying Guide


First thing you can test are design and comfort. There are 2 basic kinds of headsets and that are mono and stereo. Mono headset goes on 1 ear and the microphone is attached to the Earbud. Stereo provides surround sound system, because it goes on both ears. Microphone doesn't have to be attached to the earbud. People use headset constant, sometimes they are in ears all day. That's why it is very important for them to be comfortable. Some people like headset that goes in your ear, others  are more prone to headsets that lie on your ear. If you can, you should definitely try headset before buying one.

Call Quality

When you are using headset for phone calls you can expect a crystal clear sound quality. That's why some headsets have noise filtering and noise canceling, to block background noises. On the market, there are headsets with more than one microphone and that is just for better sound quality. 

It is extremely important that you can hear your caller and that he can hear you, no matter where you both are. You can test sound quality of one headset if you call the person next to you before purchasing it. If you are buying headset just for listening to music, then stereo headset is better choice, due to surround sound system.

Battery Life

According to the market, average battery life of a Bluetooth headset is up to 5-7 hours of talk time, and couple of days in standby mode. But, that can change, this is just the average. It depends on what you intend to do with this headset. Headset will faster drain battery if you are listening to music than talking on the phone. So, for listening, you’ll need headset with stronger battery. Bluetooth is wireless connection and you can use it to connect headset to your mobile phone. That means that battery on your mobile phone is in use as well. You can drain your mobile battery faster if you are using Bluetooth headset. Most of the headsets have some kind of indicator, usually LED light, to show you status of your battery.


Like we said, Bluetooth is a wireless connection, so it has some range for devices. Usually this range is up to 15, 20 feet, which is more than enough. If you are about 15 to 20 feet away from your mobile phone, you’ll probably have some static and the sound quality won’t be as great as usual. 

The best place for your mobile phone is your pocket. This range isn’t always the same. There are some physical barriers that can lower your Bluetooth range, and most common are walls.

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