5 Best Google AdSense Alternatives for New Blogs

The Best way to earn money online with a blog is by using Google Adsense but what is Adsense is not approving your site? Not to worry because Today I'm going to list 5 best High paying Google Adsense alternatives for your blog which will definitely help you earn from your blog.

best google adsense alternatives

These alternatives are good for a start and you can earn a decent income from them but Adsense is still better and you should always try for adsense. You may like to read my detailed post on How to get Adsense approval fast.


Best Google Adsense Alternatives

1. Chitika

best google adsense alternativesThe Best Google Adsense Alternative is Chitika. It is the Best CPC network with high paying ads and it easily approves most sites. The Best thing about chitika is that you can use it even if you have adsense ads running on your blog. Another great thing about chitika is that you can withdraw earnings using PayPal. The minimum payout is $10 for PayPal and $50 for check.

2. Infolinks

best google adsense alternativesInfolinks is one of the best advertising networks and is high paying too! Unlike other advertising networks, Infolinks is an In-Text Advertising networks which means that Infolinks crawler scans your webpage and automatically highlights some keywords, When you hover your mouse on it then an Ad pops up. I've personally used Infolinks and I really like it and I recommend every newbie blogger to try it on their blog. You can withdraw your earnings using PayPal, Bank Transfer etc. The minimum payout is $50 

3. AdBrite

best google adsense alternatives
Adbrite is very high paying and one of the best google adsense alternatives. I'm not sure that everyone can get approved but it's worth giving a try. The minimum payout is $10 and can only be withdrawn by check.

4. Clicksor

best google adsense alternativesSimilar to Infolinks, Clicksor also provides In-Text and Pop up ads. The minimum payout is $50 which you can withdraw using PayPal, Check or Wired Transfer. The best thing about clicksor is that they will approve your site for sure. So if you are a new blogger and looking for an Ad publisher network which will approve your site then Clicksor is the perfect choice.

5. Bidvertiser

best google adsense alternativesA very popular Advertising Network for websites and it is not very strict as adsense when it comes to approving sites. It is a Pay Per Click Advertising network and also offers Contextual and feed ads. The minimum payout is $10 and you can withdraw using check, PayPal and wire transfer.

Final Words

So if you are not getting approved by Google Adsense then don't worry! Just apply for any of the above advertising network and start earning from your blog. I hope this article was helpful and if you like it then please share it on social networks. Also subscribe to our Email Subscription List and start receiving updates right into your inbox.

If you know more good Google Adsense alternatives then please let us know in comments. 

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