Top 5 Email Apps for Android Smartphones

top 5 email apps for android smartphone Here are five of the best email apps for android. Sadly, they could not be ranked from best to worst because, as you may have guessed, some are exclusively optimized for a certain emailing service. Here are five great apps for viewing, composing and sending emails on your Android Smartphone. All of them appear to be deceptively simple, but actually have some very powerful features.

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Top Email Apps for Android

1. Yahoo! Mail

If you use Yahoo! Mail then this app is probably going to suit you better than the apps that allow you to use multiple services. The app and the service is still being upgraded and revamped to try and regain some lost ground on the other email services, and this has come across via the app. It works pretty well if you are used to using the web browser version. The design of the app is good looking and the theme is fairly modern. Once you get used to the layout, you may learn to love it (the same is true of the Gmail web Brower email system, as that is also laid out terribly).

The icons are all easy to recognize and use, if you are a Yahoo! Mail user, but you may struggle to navigate at first if you are not used to the Yahoo! Mail system. It does function well and it will become an extension of your “Communication arm” as soon as you get the hang of it.

2. Gmail

This app is probably the most inevitable app to come out for the Android, since Google created and maintain Gmail, and they created and maintain the Android operating system. They have a function that allows you to view your email chain a little like how some SMS message chains are set out, or how an IM chat may appear on a screen. You can see web based emails in the chain function too, and it has a simple navigation system for moving between messages too.

They have kept the design minimalist, which means the app has a lot of white space. It is clean, easy to navigate, and easy to use. It is probably less cluttered than the desktop browser version in many people’s opinion. The app has push notifications, email search functions, multiple account management functions, attachments and labels.

3. MailDroid

This is an Android app that has taken the minimalist approach to interface design. This means there is a lot of white space so that the features do not look cramped or confusing. It may not appear that way at first, but the app does have a lot of features. For example, it does allow you to access a wide range of emailing services, and it can support multiple email chains so that you can see your emails as if they were conversations.

It has a lot of control systems that you can customize on your Android, especially if you get the tablet version where things such as split screen apply. The full version is expensive, as it usually retails at over seventeen dollars, but there is a free version you can try in order to see how good this app really is.

4. K-9 Mail

This is an app that allows you to use more than one email service. As a result it seems to very basic in its construction. It seems to have gone back to basics so that it can accommodate more email services. It is very easy to set up an account, and is quite easy to navigate once you are up and running.

5. Aqua Mail

This app will allow you to use three services. You can use hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo! The good thing about this app is that you do not have to choose one over the other. You can use all three on this app, which is very handy if you do use two or more of these services. The biggest selling points of this app are that it is very easy and quick to set up. Plus it has a “Smart Inbox” feature. It will put all of your unread messages into one box so that you have one area to concentrate on. This is handy if you get a lot of messages and open them in a random fashion during the day.

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