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Ammar Ali is a young Blogger and Web Developer from Pakistan and The man behind Ammar made up to the Top Pakistani Bloggers list with a Page Rank of 3 and Alexa Rank of 10k in merely 12 months with his AllBloggingTips, A Blog which he started in 2011. 

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Recently I had a chance to Interview Ammar Ali and during this Ammar revealed many of his secrets and shared his experience with us. Below is the full talk we had during the Interview.

Ammar Ali's Interview

Jim: Hello Ammar and Welcome to Area51 Blog, You Are a Personality who's not bound to Introduction but still as a formality could you please tell us something about you?

Ammar: Hi, First of all Thanks for giving me a great opportunity to get featured here.

I’m Ammar. Founder of, I’m a young part-time blogger, affiliate marketer and student. Living in Islamabad, Pakistan. I’m doing software engineering.

Jim: How you started Blogging? Who/What Inspired you? 

Ammar: This is a long story. Around 2 years ago my father bought some blogs with AdSense account. At that time I didn’t knew anything about blogging or AdSense. Unfortunately they were hacked. From that day I decided to build new blogs.

I started with free hosting and domain. I started using WordPress and Blogspot. I learned a lot those days. Later on, I registered my first domain name and bought hosting.

There were some blogs that inspired me. Like 2createfreewebsite, dailyblogmoney, etc.

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Jim: What are the Current Statistics of  AllBloggingTips?

Ammar: I can't disclose traffic this time. I'll do that in near future. :)

Jim: How Does it feel Being an Entrepreneur at  such Young age? 

Ammar: It feels just awesome! Can’t describe it in Words. ;)

Jim: What is the Importance of Social Media / Alexa Ranking in your blogging life? How can one improve Alexa rank and social following? 

Ammar: Social media is really important for me as well as other bloggers. I’m focusing more on increasing social media presense for my blog.

I never worried about alexa rank. Its important for attracting advertisers. However, I focused more on increasing loyal readers.

There are already many guides available around to increase alexa rank and social media. You just need to search them.

Jim: Any Tips which you learned from your experience you would like to share with us? 

Ammar: Here are few tips I learned till now. And would like to share.

  • Choose a domain name that is easy to remember.
  • Think twice before signup for web hosting. NEVER choose cheap web host!
  • Don’t blog just for money.
  • Don’t worry about alexa or page rank
  • Focus more on creating useful content
  • Stop running behind Google!

Jim: What is the major source(s) of income from your blog? What was your reaction on receiving your first income online? How much was your first online income?
Ammar: My major source of income is affiliate marketing. I’ve created a deals page for this. My other main source of income after affiliate marketing are direct ad sales, paid posts.

I was so happy when I received first income online. It was 75.90$ from thesis skin affiliate site.

Jim: Your Family reaction on your blogging success and of course on your decent online income? 

Ammar: Most of my family don’t know what I really do online. However, my parents are happy with my blogging success and online income.

Jim: How is your life Offline? 

Ammar: My offline life is quite well :D

Jim: What Message / Tips you would like to give to New Bloggers? How can they make a strong foundation in their blogging? 

Ammar: Just remember “Do not give up. The beginning is always the hardest.”
They can make strong foundation by focusing more on producing quality content and standing from crowd. Writing for readers. Not search engine.
Because readers make the post go viral. Not search engines.

They should also focus on creating a STRONG network in their blog niche. Which is really important.

Jim: Blogger or WordPress? What would you like to suggest people? Is it worth migrating to WordPress?

Ammar: Both are good. But if you’re new in blogging field.Can’t buy hosting. Then Blogspot is best. After sometime you can move to WordPress.
However, WordPress is no doubt just a awesome blogging platform. I’m also using this.

WordPress is easy to use, more flexible, full control over website. Lot of plugins and tons of themes are available around to make WordPress more better.

Jim: Your Favorite WordPress Plugins and Hosting/Domain Provider?

Ammar: My Favorite Domain Provider is Namecheap, Hosting Provider is Hostgator. Right Now my favorite WordPress Plugins are:

  • Yoast
  • Contact Form 7
  • MBP Ninja Affiliate 

Jim: What are your hobbies? Your Favorite Movies, Music etc. 

Ammar: I like to spend more time online. Most of time I stay at home with my laptop. On holidays I do play sports specially cricket with my friends.

I don’t watch Movies. However, I listen to music in my free time.

Jim: What are your future plans? 

Ammar: Future depends on us. I’m thinking to take blogging as career and to be full-time blogger after completing my studies.

I’ll try my best to make AllBloggingTips best blog about Blogging and to start new blogs in my network!

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Jim: What do you think about Any Suggestions you would like to give so that we can improve our site?

Ammar: You’ve a great blog. Focus more on creating useful content for your readers. Wishing you all the best!

Jim: Thanks Ammar for being with us, It was a pleasure talking to you and this Interview will help many people learn from your experience.

Ammar: Thanks for giving me this opportunity.

So This was my Interview with Ammar Ali from I hope you learn something from this Interview and Ammar's Experience. Please express your views in the comments

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