Best Health & Fitness Apps for iPhone

Best Health & Fitness Apps for iPhone
While the company Apple Inc marketed the iPhone 4 with the iPhone 5 in the iOS 6 version this year, the company also marketed out good iPhone 4 covers, iPhone 5 smart covers and other accessories. This is because the new devices needed new accessories to lure in the consumers as always. The devices themselves are good as well because they have rather unique functionality and features. 

Best Health and Fitness Apps for iPhone Users

With an iPhone 5, the users have tried on many apps. Nowadays the trend is towards fitness and health factors more as the degrading condition of lifestyles is alarming. Food products are not pure, the water is not pure and people are suffering from fatal diseases. That is why, to keep oneself fit, many iPhone 5 users are observed looking for good iPhone 5 health, and fitness apps. Some of the apps are costly but some are entirely free. They keep track of your health and diet so that, you do not put a tow out of lone if you are dieting and want to keep slim and smart. Some of the recommendations for the top and the best health and fitness apps are as follows for the iPhone 5 users:

1. Breathe2Relax

Best Health & Fitness Apps for iPhone 5This app is needed by all those who are stressed out and need time to relax from their work routines and household chores. This is the app that will provide you with work out routines and schedules. This app will provide a way to let your heart level down and your stress to be managed by exercises and rest routines. This app helps you in controlling your diaphragmatic breathing and manages your anger and stress level with it. It also keeps a track of your work out so that you will be able to freshen up every day. This app is free to download.

2. Perfect Produce

Best Health & Fitness Apps for iPhone 5
This app is from the category of apps from SparkPeople Company. The app gives you many aisles for vegetables and fruits that you can buy and know information about the produce of calories and fitness nutrients from all of them. The produce also is available in information about how to cook the vegetables and the fruits so that they give out the best nutrients for you and your health factors. This app will cost you 1.99 dollars and you can download it directly from Google by paying online.

3. Lose It

Best Health & Fitness Apps for iPhone 5This app has a huge database of foods and raw vegetables with fruits to help you diet. It also keeps track of your dieting routine by suggesting you what to eat. The app will also keep a track of the calories you burn everyday with your regular routine and while you exercise. If you want to lose weight, it will help you and even if you want to gain weight, it will help you with that too. The app is free to download from iTunes. You can also get its different versions directly from app stores compatible with the iPhone 5.

4. All in Yoga

Best Health & Fitness Apps for iPhone 5
If you do Yoga every day or are a Yoga novice, this app will help you with audio guide and 3-D muscle positioning during yoga. The exercises it offers are 300 in number so that you can do yoga each day without repeating exercises for many days. The app is available on the iTunes in 0.99 dollars price. You can also get 40 different programs for yourself to custom make exercises if you are good at it and upload them online too for other people. 


For more apps, you can get the iPhone apps from iTunes by searching in the fitness and health genre of iTunes apps. 

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