A Free Gift From Samsung : A 32GB MicroSD card

Yes you've heard it right!!! I was one of the lucky guys who got a 32GB Micro SD card worth Rs.1,650 from samsung without even paying a penny. Today I will share my free gift experience and will also tell Why I got this gift.

Recently I bought Samsung Galaxy S3 after selling my old iPhone 4S. It was the New Year time. During New Year in India, many brands and companies come up with amazing deals and offers on purchase of their products, Samsung did the same. I was given some free stuff on purchase of Galaxy S3 and that was: 3GB Vodafone 3G Plan for 2 months, 50 GB Dropbox space etc. There was one more thing which Samsung claimed on their newspaper advertisements and that was a 32GB MicroSD card but I was not given any microSD card on purchase.

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What was the Offer

The Offer was, If you've purchased Samsung Galaxy S3 or Galaxy S Duos or Galaxy Ace Duos during 10 December, 2012 to 10 January, 2013 then you will get the following Free Gifts.

  • 3G Internet (3GB) for 2 Months
  • 50 GB Free Dropbox Space
  • Samsung 32GB MicroSD card (Class 6)

As I purchased my S3 on 15th December 2012, I was eligible for the above gifts.

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How I got 32 GB MicroSD Card for Free

I was not knowing about this offer and I didn't care about the microSD card and was happy on buying Galaxy S3. One day while browsing facebook, I saw an update from my friend about the Free 3G GB MicroSD card, When I asked him then He said that he bought some Samsung product during the offer and claimed it online and got 32GB MicroSD card within 2 weeks.

That was when I came to know about this offer and Samsung promotions page, It was an online page where Samsung used to put claim forms for their offers. As I was also one of the buyer during offer time. Without wasting time, I filled the claim form and sent it to samsung.

The Claim Form asked for:

  • Name, Address, Contact Number
  • IMEI Number of Samsung Device (S3, S Duos, Ace Duos)
  • Attached Copy of Invoice (Color scan of Invoice/Bill)
After sending claim I received an email confirming that the offer was valid on IMEI of my Galaxy S3 and their team will send me an email after verifying the purchase.

A Long Wait

I took really long, Around a week for the Status to be Approved. I was happy to see the Approved sign as it confirmed my gift. Now the next thing was to wait for the Delivery status. Another 2-3 days passed and still there was no delivery status.


Finally one morning a package was delivered to my house which read 'Samsung, Give your New Year a Smart Start'

samsung 32 gb micro sd card free offer galaxy s3

The Package contained a 32GB Samsung MicroSD card (Class 6) worth Rs.1,650. I was very Happy to receive this awesome free gift.

samsung 32 gb micro sd card free offer galaxy s3

Here is the proof, Above are some photos of the package which I received. It also shows the letter from Samsung Team.

Can I Also Avail This Offer

Sorry to say but No, This offer expired on 20th January 2013 and even if you bought S3, S Duos or Ace Duos during offer period you will not receive the gift. Don't Worry, keep checking Samsung Promo page for updates on New offers. 

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