5 Things to Avoid for High Google Page Ranking

Page Rank is very Important for a Blog / Website, It indicates the quality and Google search engine ranking of that website. In short it is a ranking giving by Google to a Blog / Website on a scale of 0 to 10, where 10 being the Highest and 0 being the Lowest. Websites like Twitter, Facebook, Google have a Page Rank between 9-10. 

google page rank mistakes, things to avoif for high page rankIf a Blog has High Page Rank then it will be crawled more frequently by the Search Engine bots and if a blog has low page rank then it will be crawled less frequently. Website having PR 5 to 7 are crawled every few seconds for latest updates and website having low Page Rank are crawled once / twice a day. So if you want to get more search engine traffic then you must try to get high Page Rank, So that Google crawls your site more frequently and index pages faster.

Things to Avoid if You Want High Page Rank

New bloggers are very desperate for success, they want everything overnight and without putting much effort. They always keep searching for quicker ways to get good Alexa Rank, More Social Followers, More RSS Subscribers, Back Links etc. without focusing on quality content. Please understand, Nobody likes to go on a site with low quality content then Why would people like to subscribe a low quality site? why would they follow a low quality site? 

When it comes to Page Rank, Many newbies make mistakes of using Black Hat tricks or buying cheap quality back links etc. just in thought that it will help them take their blog for PR 0 to above, But this is where they are wrong, Guys understand Google is way smarter then you. You might be thinking that Google won't be knowing that you are buying links etc. but you are wrong, Google knows everything and will punish you for this. You might end up getting banned or low search engine rankings etc.

Today I'm going to list 3 Things which you should avoid if you want High Page Rank.

1. Never Buy Back Links

There are many sites and services which claim to provide tons of Back links from High PR sites but it is all scam. Most of the time they give you back links from spammy, low quality sites which instead of helping you will make your situation ever worse.

Other Thing, If your site get tons of backlinks all of a sudden then Google will consider it as a back link spam and this will affect your site rankings. So if you want to get high pagerank then avoid buying back links.

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2. Do Follow External Links

An External link is a link pointing to some other site from your site and If it is not tagged nofollow then it will also pass your page rank juice. It is always recommended that you tag External Links as nofollow and only make them do follow if it's really necessary. Always try to keep external links minimum and tag them nofollow.

Nofollow tag tells search engine bot not to crawl that page and thus helps you keep your juice flowing to your blog only.

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3. Low Quality Content

Content is considered king in blogosphere, If your blog contains low quality content then search engines will rank your blog low. Google hates low quality content and that's why they keep bringing Panda / Penguin Algorithms so that they can serve best and high quality search results.

Always write posts containing more than 600 words, Optimize your blog well with Meta Tags and proper SEO Techniques. Optimize your blog images with ALT and Title tags. Write Unique content and don't link to low quality sites.

4. Never Link to Spam / Adult Sites

Never ever link to Spammy sites or sites containing pornography because Google hates this and will punish you with low page rank or banning your website from search results. Never even link to site which on other hand link to such sites. (for example: Linking to a site abc and abc is linking to Adult sites)

This thing often happens when you don't check links which are included in Guest Posts. Always check links before publishing any kind of guest post and if you find out that the post is linking to such low quality site then simply reject that post (Quality is Important and not Quantity)

5. Not Linking Old Posts

Internal linking is very important for high page rank. you should make a habit of linking your old posts to newer ones or linking related posts to each other. This will help google crawl old posts and will certainly increase your page rank. If your blog has a good Internal link structure then your Page Rank juice will flow everywhere in your blog thus helping your blog get high Page Rank.

Note: Never Tag Internal links No Follow (rel="nofollow"), Always keep them Do Follow. And Always try to tag External links no follow.

Final Words

If you follow the above given steps properly and improve your blogs Internal Link structure then soon you'll start seeing your traffic rising and better SERP. Maybe you get a high page rank in next update (It takes time for your page rank to improve, So don't expect getting high page rank in next update). Sometimes your page rank will not improve in next update, Don't worry because it takes time and it will surely improve next time.

Previously I wrote a detailed article explaining 10 Simple tips which will help you improve your blog's Page Rank. Please Read it and apply it to your blog.

I hope this article was helpful and you liked it. Please share it and bookmark it on social bookmarking sites. Don't forget to leave comments below.

Good Luck! 

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