10 Simple Ways to Increase Your Blog Page Rank

Google Page Rank is a very important factor which determines the popularity of the website. It is the search engine rank given to a website / blog. Websites are ranked between 0 to 10, 0 being the lowest and 10 being the Highest. The more your blog / website ranks, The better it gets indexed in search engines. So Page Rank is really important for every webmaster, Every site owner should try to increase his blog rank, so that he can get the best from Search engines.

Simple Ways to Increase Blog Page Rank

How Page Rank is Measured?

As I said earlier, Google Ranks a Website / blog between 0 to 10 where 0 being lowest and 10 highest. Google takes various factors into account for calculating PageRank, These include Inbound links, Content quality etc.

How Important is Page Rank?

Page Rank is one of the factors which determines where your blog appears in search results. If your blog's Page Rank is high then your blog will probably appear on top.

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10 Simple Ways to Increase Google Page Rank

If you are a Blogger and want to improve your blog's Page Rank then below are some tips which will help you get a better Page Rank. Please note Page Rank does not change overnight, it takes time for Page Rank to change.

1. Guest Post

Guest Posting on other blogs is the best way to increase PageRank. With Guest Posting you get quality back links from other blogs, Not only that Guest Posting also helps attract readers and increases your blog traffic.

If you're serious about Page Rank then The First thing I'll recommend you is Guest Posting. Today many Blogs allow guest posting, What you have to do is Just find some blogs which are related to your niche (eg. Technology) and write guest post for them.

You can also Guest Post here.

2. Blog Directories

Submit your blog to major Blog and Article Directories like DMOZ, Ezine Articles, Best of the web etc. Submitting your blog to Blog directories will help you get back link from them and Most of the Blog Directories have High Page Rank and back link from High PR site will benefit you.

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3. Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is very important and nowadays many people just ignore them. Once you publish an article, It is always recommended that you share and bookmark it on sites like StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, Pinterest, Google+ etc. This will help you increase your Page Rank and Traffic.

4. Internal Linking

Internal Linking helps Google bots to crawl a website more accurately and index better. When writing blog posts, link your previous blog posts to it. Link keywords with related posts. 

This will help people explore related articles on your site and will also help google bots to crawl other pages on your site. Having a good Internal link structure helps more pages getting indexed and will result in High PageRank.

5. Blog Commenting

You should always comment on other blogs, especially those which are related to your niche. Commenting on Do-Follow blogs will help you get link juice from that blog. You should always focus on commenting on Do Follow blogs, And never Spam other websites by commenting links to your blog, Always Try to leave a clean and genuine comment.

Commenting on Blogs with CommentLuv plugin enabled will help you get a link back to your last article.

6. Social Bookmarking

Social Networking is very important these days, You can get a huge traffic from social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. Just make a fan page of your blog on Facebook and promote your blog posts there. Ask your friends to like that page and share your posts. 

Tweet regularly with a link to your blog posts. If you're just lazy to do that then you can use automatic services like RSS Graffiti, TwitterFeed etc.

7. Forum Posting

There are many forums on different topics where people of same field gather and discuss things. Register on some forums related to your blog niche, Complete your Profile with your photo, info etc. And Make sure that you add your website address in your profile. Also put your Blog Address as your signature, This way your blog address will always appear at the bottom of your posts on that forum. 

Never post spam on forums and always post informative posts or else you'll end up getting banned.

8. Quality Content

In Blogosphere Content is considered as King, You should always keep updating your blog with fresh and high quality content. Google loves high quality content, make sure that your blog posts are of 500+ words and properly optimized with keywords and images.

9. Update Blog Daily

Try to update your blog daily with fresh content, Updating blog daily will help you get more traffic, higher PageRank and High Alexa Rank. If you don't have time for writing articles daily then you can start accepting Guest Posts. Guest post will help you keep your blog running without putting in much effort. 

What you have to do is review guest posts and if they are of your blog standard then publish it on your blog. This way you can update your blog regularly.

10. Make Website Easy to Navigate

Make your website more accessible, So that people can access related posts and other categories with ease. A blog with good link structure will help bots crawl your site better and your PageRank will be higher.

I Hope you like the tips given above on How to Increase Google Page Rank, Please let us know by leaving your comments below.

Good Luck!

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