10 Best Websites for Free Blogger Templates

free blogger templates websitesBlogger is one of the best and most used blogging platform available. It is the first choice for any newbie blogger and Many of the successful bloggers started their blogging career with a blogspot blog before moving to WordPress. You can see that my blog is also hosted on blogger (when I'm writing this post), maybe next time you come here are see me on WordPress. So today I'm not going to explain the differences between Blogger and WordPress, If you want to learn more about these two platforms then just check out my detailed post.

So coming back to topic, blogger is very easy to customize as compared to WordPress, there are many widgets and templates available to give you blog a professional look, Today I'm going to list 10 websites where you can download free blogger templates.

Best Websites for Free Blogger Templates

1. BTemplates

websites free blogger templates

This is the Best website for downloading Free Blogger Themes. There are many options available and you can choose template according to your needs like: 2 Column, 3 Column etc. Here you'll find hundreds of blogger templates and it gets updated frequently. Most of my blog templates are from this website.

2. Premium Blogger Templates

websites free blogger templates

Premium Blogger Templates or PBT is also one of the best places on the internet where you can download great looking free blogger themes. At PBT you can also order your custom template for low prices and they will make a template according to you and your needs.

3. Zoom Template

websites free blogger templates

Zoom Template is one of my favorite places for free blogger templates. This is a simple website where you can easily browse different blogger themes.

4. Java Templates

websites free blogger templates

Many times I've seen great templates on this website and that's why I've added it on 4th position in my list. If you are planning to change you blog theme then you must take a look around Java Templates.

5. Deluxe Templates

websites free blogger templates

At Deluxe Templates you'll find both Blogger & WordPress themes. Here you can browse templates according to categories like: Gaming, Technology, Business etc. According to me this is the best place for gaming blog themes.

6. DHETemplate

websites free blogger templates

One of the Best places for Blogger templates, Here you'll find many professional looking blogger themes.

7. ThemeCraft

websites free blogger templates

I've never tried this website but many of my friends are using it and they like it. So ThemeCraft is on 7th position in my list.

8. BlogTemplate4U

websites free blogger templates

This website is great for WordPress style blogger themes. At BlogTemplate4U, you can find blogger templates on many categories. One of the best place for blogger themes.

9. All Blog Tools

websites free blogger templates

This is not actually a Template site but a Blog, At AllBlogTools there is a blogger templates category where you can download amazing blogger themes free.

10. My Blogger Themes

websites free blogger templates

At MyBloggerThemes, You'll find great Gaming and Tech Blog Templates. This is also a great place for professional templates.


Now you can also design your blogger blog professionally using templates from the above listed websites. So I hope this post was helpful and if you liked it then please consider sharing it and if you have any queries related to this post then feel free to leave a comment below.

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