Temple Run 2 for Android and iOS Devices

The new version Popular mobile game Temple Run was released yesterday for iOS users. However Android users will have to wait for a week to get their hands on this sequel of the smash hit 'Temple Run'. 

Temple Run 2

What's New in Temple Run 2

  • Beautiful New Graphics.
  • Gorgeous new organic environments.
  • New Obstacles.
  • More Power ups.
  • More Achievements.
  • Each characters have special powers.
  • And Best one... Bigger Monkeys 

How to Download

The Game requires iOS version 4.2 or higher and is optimized for iPhone 5. If you are an iOS user then you can download Temple Run 2 for Free from the iTunes store or just click the link below to download the iOS version.

Android user will have to wait a week to get their hands on Temple Run. Once released, you can download Temple run 2 from Play Store.

Update: Android version of Temple Run 2 is Out Now. You can get the Android version of this amazing game from the Below Link.


Temple Run 2Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2Temple Run 2

I've played this game on my brothers iPhone and its just awesome, I just can't wait for this to come on Android. Please leave your comments and lets us know if you like the new Temple run 2 or the older one.

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