Samsung Galaxy S3 JellyBean Stock Apk's Download

If you like flashing custom ROM's on your Galaxy S3 then you'll be knowing that many ROM's does not contain Stock Samsung apps like SMemo, Stock Music Player, Samsung Apps etc. I used to hate this because I loved SMemo and Stock Music Player but I also wanted the performance custom ROM's deliver. So to get the Best of both worlds, I extracted stock APK's from a TouchWiz based Rom and Today I'm going to list most of the stock Samsung apps and will also provide the download link. Make sure that your phone still has a great battery. If you need one consider getting a galaxy battery replacement.
I will also tell you How to Install them so that you can enjoy your favorite stock apps on your favorite custom rom. 
Note: The stock apk's listed here will only work with JellyBean based Rom's, So please make sure that you're running JellyBean. Also Please do a Nandroid backup before installing any of the app given here so that you can stay safe if any failure occurs.

Stock Apk's (JellyBean)

Here are some of the main stock apk's which are not present in many custom rom's. just click on the link to download apk.

Complete Zip Package (This Package contains all the above listed apps. This is not a flashable zip)
Some Apk's are listed like (Apk1 & Apk2) and to Install that app you'll have to install both the files.

How to flash Stock Apk's

Now that you've downloaded your favorite stock apps, It's time to flash them onto your device. For flashing apk's you'll need a Root Explorer or any other equivalent explorer.

Step 1: Download the Apk from the above links.

Step 2: Using Root Explorer, Move the downloaded apk to System/App folder.

Step 3: Change Permissions by tapping and holding the app. Make sure to set permissions to rw-r--r-- (0644)

Step 4: Reboot into Recovery.

Step 5: Wipe Cache partition and Dalvik Cache. (Advanced > Dalvik cache)

Step 6: Reboot your phone and you'll find the app(s) automatically installed in your app tray.

Enjoy your favorite stock apps on your custom rom.

Recently I flashed 'FoxHound' Custom Rom on my Galaxy S3 and was sad to see that my favorite stock apps have been disappeared. I tried very hard to bring them back but no luck. Fortunately I was successful in extracting the apk's from a stock rom and then running them on foxhound custom rom. This time they all worked perfectly.

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I hope this post helps those who are facing same problem which I used to face but not now. Please leave your valuable comments below and share your experience flashing these apps.

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