Nokia Asha 309 : Budget Mobile Phone with Great Features

Among the affordable varieties of mobile phones in the market, Nokia Asha 309 is the leading. It is really important for an individual to know his or her budget before choosing a particular variety of mobile phone. The manufacturer will provide you with an exclusive variety of touch screen device that comes with a good grip and ease in operation. This feature of the mobile phone will cover the diminishing gap of featured phone and the smart phones in the market.

nokia asha 309 review


Exclusive features of Nokia Asha 309 mobile phone in the market will include capacitive display of 3 inch, the new swipe based interface with the platform of series 40. This is a variety of affordable android smart phone which is available within Nokia Asha series in the market. You can now get to view this mobile phone in the market or can simple get all details of the phone through Nokia Asha 309 review. This is actually a compact little device which will fit comfortably in the hand of an individual. The glossy removable back cover of the device is made up of plastic.

Design and Specification

People are really keen about the design of the mobile phone in the market before purchasing the same. Nokia Asha 309 is the variety of mobile phone that comes with the facility of single SIM.  Today this particular variety of phone is also known as a precious touch screen mobile phone in the series of Nokia Asha that comes in a low price. The phone is also having WQVGA resolution with 3 inch of capacitive touch screen. The phone comes with series 40 OS. It is powered by 800 MHz processor that is once again with 64 MB RAM.  It has the weight of 102 grams.

Multimedia and Camera

The Nokia Asha 309 phone is having 2 MP cameras. You will be really amazed to view the capacity of video recording associated with this camera that is attached to this mobile phone. It is having the capacity of shooting 10 frames in a second.  Different audio files such with AAC format, WAV, MP3 and WMA format of files. You will also get games featured with great entertainment while watching videos. It is really amazing to watch videos with the help of this multimedia device.


The brand new Nokia Asha 309 comes with great connectivity features. Even the 2G network associated with the same will be amazing.  Nokia Maps have a facility to find all such places which is actually unknown to you. The social networking access is also really amazing with the same. Nokia Asha 309 price is now available over the internet.

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