Infolinks In-Text Advertising - Payment Proof

Infolinks in text advertising payment proofInfolinks is one of the leading PPC In-Text Advertising networks which enables Blog writers and Authors to earn money by monetizing their blog with In-Text Ads. It is one my favorite Ad Networks and Best thing about Infolinks is that you don't need extra space to display ads, The In-Text Ads will automatically scan your blog post and will it is double underlined. When some one hovers over it, An Ads pops out.
Many People think that Infolinks is a Scam and they do not pay their publishers. Today I'm here to prove them wrong. I've been using Infolinks for a while now and I'm loving it, I've combined them with Google AdSense and Now my online income is much higher than before.

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Recently I reached the minimum payment threshold for Infolinks, which was $50 and I was greeted by an email in my inbox saying that Infolinks has sent me the payment. Since I prefer PayPal for online payments, Infolinks sent payment to my PayPal.

Infolinks in text advertising payment proof
So this was my first payout from Infolinks and the above image is the proof that Infolinks is not a scam and they do pay their publishers. I'll continue using Infolinks on my site and will recommend other bloggers to do the same.


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