How to Root Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 - Tutorial

Rooting Android phones (Galaxy S3) allows users to Flash Custom ROM's and files.You can install many apps like Beats Audio, Titanium Backup, ClockworkMod Recovery etc. which require root access. Overall rooting helps you improve your phone's battery life, Add more features and bring the most out of the Phone. You can also Overclock your device and make it much more fast and powerful.
How to root samsung galaxy s3

This is an Easy Guide on Rooting Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 which is the International version. I tried my best to make it as easy as I can but if you're still having any problems then don't hesitate to contact me.

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Here is a zip package which you'll need to download before moving to Steps. The zip package contains files which you'll need in order to root your galaxy s3. Download it from the below link and extract the contents to the desktop and then move to the steps.

Size: 7.34 MB

Steps to Root Galaxy S3

Step 1: On your Galaxy S3, Hold Volume Down + Home + Power button together for about 15-20 seconds until your S3 resets and shows up an option to enter Download mode.

Step 2: Once it shows up the option, Enter Download mode by hitting volume up button.

Step 3: Once you've entered Download mode, Connect your Galaxy S3 to your computer using USB cable.

Step 4: Start Odin, You should see a yellow box with a COM number. If you can't see a yellow box then the drivers are not properly installed. In that case try re-installing drivers.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S3

Step 5: Now click on 'PDA' and browse to 'CF-Root-SGS3-v6.1.tar' file which is included in the download.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S3

Step 6: Now hit Start button and wait for few seconds.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S3

Step 7: After few seconds or minutes, your S3 will reboot and will take you to ClockworkMod Recovery.

Step 8: You will get 'Pass' if everything goes right. This means that you've successfully rooted your S3. Your device will automatically reboot into ClockworkMod Recovery and install root/Superuser files.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S3

Step 9: Once your S3 boots, you'll find 'SuperSU' app installed in your app tray.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S3

Step 10: Now just download 'Root Checker' app from Play store to check that if you have root access.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S3

Congratulations!!! you've successfully rooted your Galaxy S3.

Note: Though the rooting guide is safe but still I warn people to Do it at their own risk. Doing it wrongly may result in bricked phone or data loss. Just make sure you follow the steps as stated. This guide is for educational purposes and the Admin is not responsible for anything that happens to your S3.

I hope this guide was helpful, I will be really happy to hear from you. You can leave your comments below stating any problems you faced or does this guide worked for you or not. I'll try my best to reply asap!

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